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    Trudy Z

    When to Change Query letter or manuscript?

    I have queried a total of 25 agents. I have received 10 rejections, and 2 requests for a full manuscript. I promptly received a rejection on 1 manuscript request and am waiting to hear back on the 2nd.

    Here are my questions. How many rejections should I take before I consider my query letter is not doing the job or is 2 requests enough to feel confident in my query letter.?

    How many rejections on a manuscript should I take before considering a rewrite or additional editing?

    I have only been querying agents for a little less than two months and feel good about the manuscript requests but I am new at this and really wonder about the number of rejections I should expect. Since agents don't always give feedback, I am not sure if I am heading in a positive direction. The first manuscript rejection I received was from a large agency and the agent told me I was a strong writer but the story didn't click. I would love to get better feedback but know it is not appropriate to ask. Thank you in advance for advice and help. So many of you that have responded to my posts have given me some great tips.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: When to Change Query letter or manuscript?

    Two requests out of twelve query letters is quite a good return.

    I wouldn't suggest additional editing unless the rejections indicate that as a problem area.

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    Trudy Z

    Re: When to Change Query letter or manuscript?


    Thank you so much for always replying to my questions. You have been very helpful to me.

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    Chris Hagler

    Re: When to Change Query letter or manuscript?

    Two manuscript requests out of 25 letters sent is pretty nice. I wouldn't change a thing. (My rate of requests is much lower...more like 2 out of 60 or 70). Best of luck with your work, I hope the remaining agent works out.

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    Debra Storky

    Re: When to Change Query letter or manuscript?

    It's actually 2 out of 25 queries. I think that is not good at all. Two out of 12 doesn't seem that good either. Have you posted your query letter for people to critique here?

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    Diane Snyder-Haug

    Re: When to Change Query letter or manuscript?

    I think 2 out of 25 queries is exceptional, I remembering reading somewhere that 1 out of 25 is considered doing well. I wouldn't change a thing, unless you get some feedback from the agents who requested your ms. that gives you an idea of what to change on your query. I, myself, sent about 80 queries, got 6 requests and finally landed an agent on the 6th one. That was my last novel, I don't even want to talk about the others that preceded it.... Good luck!

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