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    Diane Snyder-Haug

    Query Response Time--Can you top this?

    Today, I went to fetch my mail and in the middle of the usual bills, flyers, political propaganda (we have a heated mayoral race here) I saw a familiar envelope.... It was one of my SASE's, and, mind you, I signed with agent in Dec. and after a few revisions/edits, she began marketing my novel in January, so I haven't sent out any queries in quite
    awhile. Curious, I slit open the envelope which was postmarked Queens NY 16 Jul 2009, inside, neatly folded, was my original query letter dated June 1, 2007, and at the bottom of the letter a handwritten note: "Not for me, but thank you." I was totally amused and somewhat shocked. It took over two years for a response from this agent! LOL Just wanted to share this and make some of you "old timers" smile and probably shock some newbies. Also, am wondering, can anyone top this with your own experience on agent query response time?

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Query Response Time--Can you top this?

    It isn't all that hard to top, since many of the responses are "never."

    The nice thing is that you already have an agent.

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    Greg Kosson

    Re: Query Response Time--Can you top this?

    Why anyone would even assume you cared after that length of time is beyond me. Postal rates change in that amount of time, people die, and people find representation.

    Even if you were still looking for an agent, doing business with someone who was that behind on things would be a great leap of faith.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Query Response Time--Can you top this?

    Possibly an agent who prides her/himself on responding to all queries, and doesn't want to think there are those out there who could legitimately tell others they didn't receive an answer. Most likely, though, some assistant who found the transaction at the bottom of the pile and closed out on it.

    I've three times taken on a managing editor's position for three months at a large publisher when she's taken maternity leave, and each time there was an old "bottom of the pile" stack to deal with.

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    Sapphire Savvy

    Re: Query Response Time--Can you top this?

    Hmm, I never had one take 2 years, but I did have one take nearly 1.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum I had someone claim to have "read" my 100,000 word novel in a record 4 hours, to reject it.

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