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Thread: Never give up

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    stevenlabree τΏτ

    Never give up

    I thought about where to post this in that I think all new writers need to see it. Good place or not, here it is.

    I wrote a short story and submitted it to a couple of contests. In both cases, I didn't even place as an honorable mention. Kinda depressing. Still, I knew it was a good story, so I sent it to a national publication. It been about 8 weeks, so I figured once again, failure. Yesterday I received a call from them letting me know the story will publish next month and they wanted an update to my account so they could mail me a check.

    My point in all of this (and the veterans know), don't give up. Just because your story doesn't win a contest, or an agent turns you down, believe in yourself and carry on.

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    Janice W-D

    Re: Never give up




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    Andrew Smith

    Re: Never give up

    That is a terrific story. Congratulations, Steven!


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    Re: Never give up

    Outstanding, Stevo. And a good lesson for us all.

    Let us know when it comes out.

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    Sara Orne

    Re: Never give up

    Awesome! What publication?

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    Re: Never give up

    Sometimes it's valuable to give up on a particular project. You can tie yourself in knots struggling to make something work, which keeps you from proceeding with a new idea.

    The trick is knowing when you've really got something good, and if you know that, continuing to submit the work no matter how many rejections you get.

    Obviously, Steven, you knew you had written something worthwhile. You kept plugging until your work found its home.

    Congratulations on your sale and your tenacity.

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    Greg Kosson

    Re: Never give up

    Congratulations, though I agree with leslee -- pure tenacity can turn into your enemy after months or years and you'll only end up thinking ill of yourself and the publishing industry generally.

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    Amanda Brenner

    Re: Never give up

    Congratulations and may this be the foot in the door you need.


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    Kitty Foyle

    Re: Never give up

    Yaaaaay for you, steven!


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    Sapphire Savvy

    Re: Never give up

    Oh, Steven! Hooray! Snoopy dance! I hope you'll let us know what the pub is?? Congratulations, you deserve it. And you said it: never give up!

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