Here's a revised version of the query for my fantasy novel.


After decades of unrest, the realm of Caen is breaking apart, its unstable king convinced that someone is trying to murder him.

When Lord Etharg Cast is chosen to be the king’s new advisor, he wants to hear nothing of it, convinced that taking his family to court will shatter the peace he’s tried so hard to find after his wife’s death. However, with the threat of war looming he has no choice but to try and scrape together some allies at court while lending an ear to the decaying mind of his king.

He soon uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to change the realm forever, and learns the horrible truth that those trying to usurp the throne are the very same men responsible for the murder of his wife. Etharg is left to choose between rebuilding his life, and having his revenge.

CAEN is a gritty work of heroic fantasy. The 150 000 word manuscript is available for your review.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Johnahan van Zyl