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    Brian Nichols

    Another Intro and Question

    Hi there!

    Just a first time author looking for some help in getting pointed in the right direction. I\'ve already made a few mistakes along the way (I won\'t get into those here) but am currently dusting myself off and am ready to try again.

    I\'ll be posting samples on my blog for all to read sometime today and am just seeking opinions from other people. Anywho if someone feels kind enough to help me get pointed in the right direction please feel free to email me at: 8bitrevenge@gmail.com


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    Cathy C

    Re: Another Intro and Question

    What stage are you at, Brian? Are you ready to query (since you're posting in this section) and are looking for information about how to go about looking for a quality agent? Or are you wondering how the publishing industry works overall?

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    Re: Another Intro and Question

    Why are you posting your email address? Do you like spam?

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    C Bets

    Re: Another Intro and Question

    I'd suggest posting some samples in the Writing Craft forum (not too long) if you want feedback from the members here. Don't make them go over to your blog.


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