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    Gopher Gold

    Re: Intro and question

    Actual;y, Arden, you were inadvertently CORRECT when you initially said "abroad"
    - Sasha is from Australia - did everyone here pick up on the fact that this agency is based in Australia or am I stating the obvious? Does Publishers Marketplace report on internal Australian deals? They could very well be legit and very good

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    Cathy C

    Re: Intro and question

    Good point, Gopher. I hadn't noticed Sasha's location. I'll check to see if PM does Australian deals. They might or not. But I do have some contacts down there, so I'll ask around and report back on them or others.

    One question though. Sasha, do you WANT an Australian publisher, or are you looking for an American publisher (which would have a broader reader base?) While the location of the agent isn't critical, it does help if you're looking at a U.S. market to consider American agents in addition to Aussie ones.

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    Sasha Wasley

    Re: Intro and question

    I'd be happy with a reputable agent of Australian, American or British nationality!
    The guy has since offered me an informal, non-exclusive agreement but still won't divulge his client/sales record. I suspect he's not been terribly successful as yet. I'm contemplating letting him have a go at finding a publisher while I wait for a better known publisher to pick me up (heh).

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    Cathy C

    Re: Intro and question

    Unfortunately, Sasha, a BAD agent (one who doesn't have the right contacts to sell the book) is worse than not having one at all. See, if the agent doesn't target the right editors, but just "shotgun" submits it to publishers, it could easily be rejected as not fitting a particular line. That makes it doubly hard for an agent who contacts the RIGHT editor to sell it, because the publisher (as a whole) has already rejected it.

    While it can happen that an agent or editor may ignore that, it makes it more difficult---which colours their decision on whether to take it on.

    Much better (IMO) to seek a quality agent first than to waste time with someone who can't sell it.

    Unfortunately, I found out that Publisher's Marketplace does NOT report Australian sales, unless someone directly submits the news. Apparently, that doesn't often happen. But I have some friends in the biz "down under." I'll see what I can find out for you.

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    Cathy C

    Re: Intro and question

    I heard back from one of my pubbed friends in Brisbane. Her comment (FWIW):

    "Aussie agents are harder to get than US ones and there are not too many of them either. To be honest, I think she might have a better chance with a US agent. Most Aussie authors are published in the US and the UK before Australia anyway. The Australian publishing community is very literary. Tough for a fantasy author to find a home."

    More if I hear back from anyone.

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    Cathy C

    Re: Intro and question

    Another pubbed Aussie writer, this one from Sydney, replied:

    "Hi, Cathy

    Here's the links to the agents lists I know of that lists sales (the first one is the only aussie list currently working. The Ozlit list seems to be offline at the moment.)

    <http://www.writersservices.com/ agent/index.htm>(lists UK & US lit agents)

    Can I ask why she wants an Aussie agent, though? The Aussie market is so small, she'd really be better off working with a UK or US agent--especially if she wants to hit those markets eventually. Most Aussie agents don't have a whole lot of understanding of overseas contracts (unless they have overseas connections, and a lot here don't.)"

    Hope that helps!

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