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    Evan Tanley

    Agents for mainstream?

    Greetings everyone,

    I just left my first agent (long story) and I'm gearing up for finding a new agent for my first novel. It's a mainstream novel called A LITTLE LESS THAN EVERYTHING (I use the term mainstream because I hesitate to say 'literary'). Anyway, I'm really hoping to get it repped by a really aggressive and take-charge type agent. I've come up with a few names after doing some 'net research. Can anyone offer any feedback/ experiences/ stories about these folks? I had a subpar experience first time 'round and I'm hoping to find just the right agent.

    Susan Golomb -- I read in the Observer that she repped Marisha Pessl (Amanda Urban reps her now, though) and she seems nice

    Russell Galen -- seems like a really solid agent from what I've read about him on their agency website. I think he would do mainstream as well as SFF, his specialty

    Eric Simonoff -- this agent seems to have an awesome track record (he reps Jumpha Lahiri), but I can't find a website for Janklow Nesbit?

    Janet Reid -- I find this agent is all over the web, but she seems to have very few sales and then mostly to small houses, and she's been around for a while. Her net presence is big, though; maybe I'm missing something?

    Ok, thanks in advance for any help!

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    Arden Wolfe

    Re: Agents for mainstream?

    Not to be 'snarky', but you might want people to e-mail their responses or experiences instead.

    Just something to consider.


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    Keith .

    Re: Agents for mainstream?

    Heh, heh. Nice one, Arden. That earns you three splashes from the gin pail.

    I queried my first manuscript in 2004. Good story/poor writing. Anyway, I wrote a good Q and Russell Galen read the full.

    Mr. Galen rejected it but said he saw something in my writing. He took the time to give me specific feedback on my strengths and weaknesses using examples from my ms. It was a damned nice thing to do, esp for an agent who sure as hell had more important things on his plate (like the fact that he sells a lot of books). I can think of no one else I'd rather work with (if I still wrote fantasy).

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    Re: Agents for mainstream?

    To how many editors did your ex-agent submit your first novel? A new agent will want to know all the details; they won't want to plow old ground. And they may not be interested at all if your ex-agent exhausted the best possibilities.

    But you probably know this.

    Good luck.

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    Joshie !

    Re: Agents for mainstream?

    Russel Galen is my first choice.

    I would give my left "CENSOR" To work with him.

    I am almost hesitant to send him my Query without being absolutely POSITIVE it's perfect.

    So I wait humbly.


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    Re: Agents for mainstream?

    I hope the first agency did not begin with "WL."

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    Robert Brown

    Re: Agents for mainstream?

    Joshi, as jayce commented and to go further with that thought, if your prior agent throughly shopped your manuscript, any agent you contact should know that it was shopped and how much it was shopped. I'd say that if it made it to most of the majors and their imprints, you might have a difficult time finding anyone else to take your book on--especially if it's just mainstream without any literary qualities. Pure mainstream sometimes called mid-list) is a tough sell in most markets. Sorry to report this to you, but you should go forward fully armed.

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