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    Oscar Wilde

    Re: NO COUNTRY!??!!!!

    "I drink your milkshake."

    How could a movie with such a line not win the Oscar for best screenplay?

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    L Bea

    Pomposity Squared

    I'm tempted to say you've failed as a writer if you missed the brilliance of No Country.

    What a pompous thing to say. One has failed as a writer if they don't agree with your opinion that this movie is brilliant? I wanted someone to stab me in the eye while I watched it just so I could feel something. So that makes me a failed writer. Didn't realize that we all had to think the same way. How boring would the writing world be if that were the case? No original ideas, thoughts, feelings. Does that mean the readership world is the same too? Everyone who reads feels, thinks and believes the exact same thing. Everyone. Wow.


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    Patrick Edwards

    Re: Pomposity Squared

    I absolutely loved There Will be Blood...and didn't come close to falling asleep. (With some of those epic-like flicks, I have a habit of nearly drooling as I lean to the right gradually.)

    I liked No Country as well; not quite sure if Best Picture would've won if I were the judge (though who am I? I barely know what cinematography is

    I could've seen Atonement winning. That one scene (if you haven't seen it, i won't spoil it) that everyone's talking about was/is absolutely breathtaking (recently watched Seinfeld episode with the baby).

    Juno was probably the best flick I've seen (enjoyed) this past year (with the exception of Beowulf in 3-D at IMAX).

    And Michael Clayton I could've done without. Though perhaps I'm just not able to sit up high enough to avoid it going over my head. Good acting, but I didn't/don't understand the major hype. (But, obviously, I'm not the expert here. I know, a "duh" if there ever was one )

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