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    Robert Brown

    Re: my attempt at a query letter

    Not a picture book--1000 words or under. Too short for any novel but possibly good for a children's magazine short story. Tough market though and not one that most agents would touch. First serial rights don't pay much--usually not enough for a major agent to take on because there's as much placement work with as with a novel for not much money.

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    Andrea Kestner

    Re: my attempt at a query letter

    Thanks for all of the comments. It helps a lot. I don't know any wrtiters to give me feedback and family doesn't quite give me the feedback I need to be succesfull. I was working on a childrens short story. I will do some more research and rework.

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    Jeanne Gassman

    Re: my attempt at a query letter


    For some help with the children's market (and the expectations), you should check out these sites:



    Verla Kay's site. (Sorry, I don't have the URL handy.)

    Good luck.


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    Rosie Suarez

    Re: my attempt at a query letter

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