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    Linda S

    Re: Query letter Does this look better?

    Sapphire Savvy and Joe Zeff and L Bea-Thank you for the advice. I was trying to use humor in the first sentence, consensus says it's not working. I'll work on it.

    L BEA-I've been in lurker mode reading (The Elements of Style, as suggested)and, re-writing again, and again. I see what you are saying about the then-then thing I can change that. I'm glad that you noticed that it's come along way.

    Robert Brown-When I chose Urban Fantasy my understanding was that it was set in this world, this time. I guess that I must have misunderstood? Do you think that Contemporary Fantasy or Modern-day Fantasy would be better? I could use Fantasy and let the agent decide where they want it to be?

    I'll work on the query and see what I come up with.

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    Re: Query letter Does this look better?

    The query starts out sounding like it's Katie's story, but the focus then switches to her parents.

    I still don't see what the story is here. Lots of complications--the rush to remove all evidence of Katie’s existence--but who are they hiding from? what happens if they're caught? Without these elements, there's no conflict--and no sale.

    Good luck.

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    Carmel C

    Re: Query letter Does this look better?

    Ditto, Jayce.

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    Joe Zeff

    Re: Query letter Does this look better?

    My understanding matches yours, Linda, not Robert's.

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    Joshie !

    Re: Query letter Does this look better?

    Katie Bennett went to Florida hoping to have a great spring break--what she got were friends who hate her, a boyfriend she put into the hospital and a lust for blood.

    I just don't really like this. It takes far to long for me get any real interest.

    Hoping to have a great spring break in Florida, Katie Bennet instead put her boyfriend in the hospital, and developed a lust for blood.

    I would shorten it up to the very important and flashy cath my attention stuff. This is just an idea though and it's kinda rough.



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