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Thread: Losing Steam

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    Cara Alwill

    Re: Losing Steam

    It started out as more of a memoir - having nothing to do with the music industry actually. I was just talking about my "day job" when I mentioned that. At the advice of the agents I spoke to, my book morphed into a chic-lit style fiction book based on a true story of my tale of the battle of the bulge. Because I have no credentials other than having lost weight, this must be positioned as a fiction book. I recently lost thirty pounds and have struggled with weight my entire life, going up and down on the scale while finding laughter in all of my experiences. I have a close knit group of girlfriends who are always constantly dieting, so I felt compelled to tell my story. We are all in our late twenties and early thirties, young professionals who live in NYC, and we all share one major thing in common - our quest to fit into those skinny jeans. It's a light-hearted, sometimes sarcastic, comedy based on true life. As Keith mentioned, my sample chapter is posted in Craft. Please feel free to comment. Thanks all!

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    Grandmaster Batzier

    Re: Losing Steam

    Well I wouldn't query 100 agents at a time. Try more along the line of 10 or 15 that way if your proposal isn't working you can write a new one before every agent you liked has been queried.


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    E Lynd

    Re: Losing Steam

    You are putting the cart before the horse. Write the book, if it's fiction, rewrite it, polish it, set it aside, polish again, and then research agents, and query. What you did was the equivalent of assembling the ingredients for a cake on your kitchen counter, and inviting 100 people over for dessert in ten minutes.

    I'd be careful, too, with the words "chick lit." It's a hard sell anymore; think mainstream or women's fiction instead. Some agents (a year from now, when you are ready to query) will probably hit reject reply the second those words appear on your page. Nothing to do with your writing; everything to do with the market.

    No, you don't need to quit. But you do need to learn more before you jump in the pool.

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