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Thread: Website ... ?

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    K C

    Re: Website ... ?

    I don't think a website is going to be your path to publication. That being said, I did read about a literary agent who was impressed that a querying author already had a website and that website did have the author's first chapter. I think the author was previously published, though. I've heard other agents speak out against the practice.

    I actually received an e-mail today from a supposed new e-book publisher who expressed interest after reading a short story on my site (intotheforest.wordpress.com). I'm not sure if that one's legitimate. It seems to me that agents and publishers shouldn't have to troll the net for writers. The writers go to them.

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    d. Leroy

    Re: Website ... ?

    I think you have to ask youself a couple of questions:

    Getting published, especially for those of us seeking our first publication, is monumentally difficult. What will you spend your valuable time doing to accomplish it? On a website, which takes time and has cost associated to maintaining it, and, as you've read above, will not get your book published? Or, you could ask youself, why are all these crazy people doing the query submission thing?

    The chances of you getting your book published are, unfortunately, very low. Since it's already a long shot, I'd suggest pursuing the only route that is tried and true - the query. That is the process - it is the silver bullet.

    My advice, invest your time and money into something that is known to work. There are always exceptions to the rule, of course, but hunting down the needle in the haystack is not a valuable use of most people's time.

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