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    Keith .

    Re: Critiques Welcome

    I couldn't care less whether Mya is unpubbed or a bestselling machine. She tried to give you good advice. You have not. She has a history of giving good advice. You do not. She conducts herself in a kind and professional manner. You do not. You act like a horse's ass. She does not.

    You're acting like a spoiled schoolboy. You spammed the board, yet people still gave your work a crit. You didn't like what you heard and lashed out like a 12 year old. I'm waiting for you to use the "Liar, liar, pants on fire," defense. Grow the fvck up. All criticism was given in a constructive manner until you hopped off the merry-go-round and started looking for a fight. If you disagree with someone's comments, ignore them. But please, please, please stop the finger-pointing. Let it go. And try to remember this is the Literary Agents board.

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    Mark Ellis

    Re: Critiques Welcome


    Your conclusion presupposes that Mya never had a web-site and that no one here never visited it.

    I know she had/has a web-site because I've visited it.

    Not lately, but I've definitely visited it.

    As for her her advice...I've been a professional full-time writer for over 20 years and a professional full-time novelist for the last 12-plus.

    After all of that time, I've picked up a few things about the nature of publishing and writing.

    I can tell when someone is pulling something out of their butts or speaking from experience.

    I've never ever read a single word of advice, counsel, whathaveyou posted by Mya in regards to writing or publishing that ever struck me as anything but dead-on correct.

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    Michael Phillips

    Re: Critiques Welcome

    ME and Keith...

    My issue is not with her criticism of my writing. In fact I have thanked her several times for the example she gave. My issue is the reasons she gave that I should "listen up" and see her as an authority.

    She supported her authority figure status by touting that she has books in print and stated that those books are sold on Amazon and in Borders Bookstores, yet claims she cannot give a book name here because she is afraid of a stalker.

    If you were truly afraid of a stalker would you come here and post your picture on this site. She did. The profile where she posted that picture eludes to books, yet does not name them. The link to her site does not work for Day 4 now so I do not know if her claim to have published books is supported on that site, or not.

    She says I am trying to taunt her into giving out the title of one of her books. I have challenged her to support her claims, but no one can be taunted into giving information that does not exist.

    Criticize my writing all you want and I have taken some of those criticisms to heart, and Mya's is no exception. However, if you make a claim with respect to your credentials, please support them. I have support the few claims I have made here.

    Have a great day

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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: Critiques Welcome

    Aw, you guys never got to 300? That's disappointing.

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