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    Steven Parks

    New writer of a novelty humor diet book

    I have an idea for a novelty humor book about diets. It is well thought out and I am certain would be successful! I dont know whether to publish it myself, sell the idea, find a celebrity to endorse it, or what. I know there are a million ideas out there but I just need to run this by a professional and see if it is valid.

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    Mya Bell

    Re: New writer of a novelty humor diet book

    If you can find a celebrity to endorse it, and it is as uniquely interesting as you suggest, you can probably find a traditional publisher to publish it.

    Don't self publish unless you enjoy giving seminars a dozen times a week and you're willing to sell your books out of your trunk while on the road.

    --- Mya Bell

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    Misty Keith

    Re: New writer of a novelty humor diet book

    I think if it is really a new idea and one that is sellable you'll do well with a traditional publisher too. I agree with Mya and wouldn't self-publish. I've asked for information about that as well and decided against it for now.

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    June Casagrande

    Re: New writer of a novelty humor diet book

    I've never heard of someone buying an idea for a book -- especially a humor book. The value of a humor book so often is 100% about the writer's voice. So anyone who could write it wouldn't need to buy an idea.

    Of course, another approach to humor is just gathering funny information, which wouldn't be as dependent on voice.

    While I'm sure people buy book ideas sometimes, it sounds to me like it would be really tough to find a buyer. If I were you, I'd write up a proposal and try to land a traditional publisher.

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    Gopher Gold

    Re: New writer of a novelty humor diet book

    Editors do buy ideas for a book but always from top celebrities or people in the news, never from the unknown guy. Heck -even if you write the book it's difficult to sell it if you're an unknown.

    If you're JK Rowling ,all you have to say is "I think I'll write a book about something" and you'll land at least a seven-figure contract in a couple of hours. But if you're just like the rest of us, you will land up with a belly-laugh from agents if you offer them only ideas, I'm afraid. Write the book, or at least a well-constructed proposal and sample chapters.

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    Smiling Curmudgeon

    Re: New writer of a novelty humor diet book

    I agree with June.

    While I claim no huge success, my humor has been, and continues to be, published in small paid markets.

    Humor is voice, voice, and voice. Nearly any topic can be treated in a humorous way. The trick is the voice. Put another way, the POV.

    Not sure this will make sense. If not, ignore my input.

    In any case, don't give up on your idea.


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