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    A. R. Pike

    <laugh> You gotta check this out.

    I just got solicited by Michele Rooney. I laughed so hard., Here's the e-mail.

    Dear April,

    Hi, I'm incredibly impressed with what I've read about your writing. I am interested in being your literary agent. Please e-mail me as soon as possible and let me know what book-length projects you currently have available to represent. My e-mail address is *************
    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


    Michele Glance Rooney
    Literary Agent

    I sent her back a list of Writer Beware's Top Twenty Worst Agents with her name highlighted (just in case she didn't know she was on it) and a no thanks.
    I feel special . . . I got solicited by a scam agent. I assume she got my info of of my writers.net profile (since I, of course, have never sent her anything) so anyone else gotten this lately?
    The sad thing is, even though it only took half a second for me to recognize her name and for common sense to kick in, for that half a second when I saw an e-mail subjected "I want to be your literary agent," my heart sped up, my eyes got wide, and I took in a very fast breath. It makes me understand how people get roped in. If you don't do your research and get savvy about the business, it would be exciting . . . till two years down the road and you're two thousand dollars poorer and have no publishing credits to show for it. So the moral of the story is do your research! Because seriously, they're circling like sharks!


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    Stan Udal

    Re: <laugh> You gotta check this out.

    The first big clue to all writers is that, "AGENTS DO NOT SOLICIT WRITERS."

    Those worth having have so many writers soliciting them that they don't have to. So, if an agent writes you asking that YOU send them something, a HUGE red flag should go up saying, "Sompthin' ain't Rat Cher!!!"

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    LG Vernon

    Re: <laugh> You gotta check this out.

    I received this identical email about 6 months ago. I tried to hook her to find out more about what she's up to these days, but she's too cagey for that. It won't be long until she appears online and elsewhere in another form.

    I did ship my missive off to Writer Beware. They're always glad to hear about their 'most unwanted'. LGV

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    Stan Udal

    Re: <laugh> You gotta check this out.

    Hell, she might even start writing books. Maybe Dee could help. Wow! That would be great. We'd have one who has never been published writing books oh how to get published and an agent who has never sold anything telling writer how to get published. We could hit it from both ends.

    I wish I had thought of that. No. Actually, I wish I had thought of the contest scam, actually. You know guys, there are much better ways to make a buck than writing for a living--I'm thinking.

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    Mya Bell

    Re: <laugh> You gotta check this out.

    Stan, that's not fair.

    Dee doesn't say in her book, "This is what I did ..." She's saying, "This is what editor A and agent B and publisher C recommended when we interviewed them." That's a valid journalistic approach to the subject.

    --- Mya Bell

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    Robert Raven

    Re: <laugh> You gotta check this out.

    I got, and deleted this one, too, just yesterday. Didn't even read past the first half-sentence.


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    LG Vernon

    Re: <laugh> You gotta check this out.

    LOL, Stan, that's certainly true enough. I can think of, well, THOUSANDS of easier ways to make a living. Pig Farming for Fun and Profit comes to mind. Worry-Free Worm Farming, too.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: <laugh> You gotta check this out.

    Sadly (if you know the old joke), I've honestly considered that I'd be pretty good at mushroom farming.

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    Nathan Carter

    Re: <laugh> You gotta check this out.

    Where are thes \"Look Out For Scam Artist\" list found. I looked on google and all I got was \"Poetry.com Scams\" and \"League of American Poet\'s Scams\". I didn\'t find much more. I someone could help me, my email address is

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    Harriet Sanders

    Re: <laugh> You gotta check this out.

    Actually, some agents DO solicit writers. They cull from literary magazines or other showcases. A friend of mine was offered representation from an agent because she was in a very prestigious writing program; it led to a two-book deal.

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