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    Mya Bell

    Re: <laugh> Exclusive on Partial.

    Oops, typo (reverso), that's Lowenstein(as in beer stein)-Yost.

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    Nell Sweeney

    Re: <laugh> Exclusive on Partial.


    I used LMP *cheers are heard for the smart cookie*

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    Nell Sweeney

    Re: <laugh> Exclusive on Partial.

    I don't know WHY all the hard companies would advertise in a refernce for NEW writers.

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    Emerson Dell

    Re: Exclusive on Partial.

    I'm totally new to getting an agent and last week I gave an agent an exclusive on a partial (50 pages). The next day the agent I most want to sign with asked to see a partial; she (#2) did not ask for an exclusive. I had to tell her someone else was looking at it exclusively. Does anyone know...do agents offer representation based on partials? (I have a rave review of my novel from a best-selling author, and this has increased the level of interest in my work.) I'd really like to let #2 see a partial to find out if she's interested. I feel stupid for not being a better manager of the business end of writing, and at the same time, feel like I'm a writer, not a business person--24 hours ago I'd never heard the phrase "exclusive on partial" and had no idea what it meant. Do I have to turn down #1 before letting #2 see my work? What if I lose both of them? Yikes!

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