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Thread: <THANK YOU>

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    Idol chatter


    To those of you who helped me with my query last week I just wanted to say thank you--I revised it based on some of the comments here and tested the water this week with a small group of agents on my "prime" list--five to start--and four made varying requests for more within the first two days (two were actually within just a couple of hours). No lock of course, but at least a reasonable start in the process.

    Will keep posted--FYI, this on-line forum produced much better results (in a short period) than a small off-line group I kick stuff around with.

    (In particular, Simon Says, leslee, Mya, CBets and several others who I apologize for not including--major thanks for your time--and smarts)

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    Mya Bell

    Re: <THANK YOU>

    Good luck with it, IC!

    --- Mya Bell

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    Re: <THANK YOU>

    Thanks for letting us know, IC. I love to hear good news!

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