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    ***Emma ***

    Submitting a synopsis

    With so much discussion and effort that goes into writing a synopsis, I realized there are blurry guidelines regarding when to submit it. Do you query and, if asked for a synopsis, send it then? I'd rather the query bring a request for the mss., thus making me seriously wonder when and what role does a synopsis play?

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    Simon Says

    Re: Submitting a synopsis

    Emma -

    You'll probably get differing opinions on this. Personally I will never send a synopsis unless specifcially requested (and even then it's under protest). I'd much rather have someone read the first few pages of my novel than a few pages about my novel.

    Including a synopsis just gives an agent an additional chance to reject you before every reading a word of your MS.

    But some agents do want to see them so they can get a feel for plotline and how the story is crafted w/o taking the time to read the book.

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    Irese Sheridan

    Re: Submitting a synopsis

    Emma -- I send the query and will add the first chapter as long as the agent has one of those "queries only!" policies. Agree with Simon that a synopsis gives the agent an extra excuse to reject your manuscript. Send it only when demanded.

    And you're going to get a batch of differing opinions.


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    ***Emma ***

    Re: Submitting a synopsis

    Thank you both. Your shared opinions confirm what my logic tells me. As for differing opinions, those appears to be directed to the topic of "Querying for Someone Else." Hmm, now there's a new angle. ;o)

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