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Thread: I get it now!

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    Re: I get it now!

    Are we dealing with two Wonkies here?

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    Mya Bell

    Re: I get it now!

    I think there are three Wonkies. Maybe Grimmy didn't like Wonky muscling in on his schtick?

    --- Mya Bell

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    Re: I get it now!

    Everyone wants to be Wonky.

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    readme38 W

    Re: I get it now!

    "and sold a YA series for a six-figure advance her first year out."

    I hope that happens to you!

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    Stan Udal

    Re: I get it now!

    Cris, the problem as I see it is that most new writers have little choice but to go with either a non-New York based agent or a new agent. The reason for it is that New York agencies get the top picks and, because of this, are less likely to take anyone on unless they write extremely well and have written something that is highly commercial. Although it would be wonderful if everyone could get his or her choice of agents (and that that agemt could also get them published) this doesn't happen very often. So it's like wishing for the perfect Christmas present when you're a kid, you may get your wish, but most times it doesn't happen (unless mon and dad are rich).

    Nice monkey, Wonk. Reminds me of a girl I once knew. The beer can looks familiar too.

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    M. Lee

    Re: I get it now!

    Thanks, readme! You and me both!

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    Ann Crispin

    Re: I get it now!

    I did a blog post recently on this exact subject.


    It's not true that big name agents return submissions from unknown writers unread.

    -Ann C. Crispin

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    Lynn Adrian

    Re: I get it now!

    I like new agents who made their name with a big-name agency and branched out on their own. I assume that they are eager and hungry.

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    Simon Says

    Re: I get it now!

    Lynne - an agent who made their name with a big-name agency and goes out on their own - is NOT a new agent. They are an experienced agent starting their own agency - that's entirely different than being a new agent.

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    greg g

    Re: I get it now!

    Unfortunately, I must agree with those who say that unknown writers peddling that first novel aren't likely to catch on with any established agents. For most of us, it's a new agent or no agent at all.

    Soooo...how does one go about compiling a list of "new" agents, aside from using google, of course? Literary Marketplace etc. won't do the job; by the time new agents get listed in such a publication, they aren't new any longer.

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