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Thread: I get it now!

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    james joyce

    Re: I get it now!

    To quote Miss Snark (which seems to be the thing to do nowadays):

    "Publishing credentials are nice, but it's the writing that counts.

    Once more with fervor: good writing trumps all."

    And that is how you get an experienced agent. NO secret handshakes or passwords, just good, marketable writing.

    When you finally write something well, with commercial appeal, you will have more than one agent to choose from (and they will be experienced with sales).

    At least that's how it's worked for me with no credentials and now with an agent who represents Newberry and Nat'l Book award winners.

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    Simon Says

    Re: I get it now!

    The fault dear Greg, is not with the agents - but (most probably ) with that first novel.

    Most screenwriters don't get an agent until they've got a number of scripts under their belt. The craft has a learning curve. So does fiction writing - Most first novels just aren't good enough, period. Go write your second and third novel and you'll probably have more luck garnering the interest of an established agent.

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    r g

    Re: I get it now!

    I agree with James & Simon. When I signed with my agent, I had zero publishing credentials. The manuscript that worked was my fourth; I was in training with the first three. I know of several writers with recent book deals, and their debuts will be their first published work, but not their first manuscript.

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