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Thread: Agent Request

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    * Chris

    Agent Request

    I've been sending out queries for the last 6 weeks. This is the first time an agent has ever requested this type of info. Is this typical?

    1)Overview/Synopsis (no more than 500 words)
    2) Chapter Headlines (Table of Contents) and short précis describing each chapter if possible.
    3) Author Biography and/or CV
    4) Sample Chapters (3-4)
    5) A thumbnail sketch of the protagonist plus 2-3 other main characters, briefly describing physical appearance and character traits.
    6) Marketing Analysis, if possible. This can be as simple as browsing BN.com or Amazon.com for books that have a concept similar to your own. Include brief points regarding how they are similar and how they are different, etc.

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    Jackie Kessler

    Re: Agent Request

    Weird. May I ask who the agent is?

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    agent girl

    Re: Agent Request

    This is NOT typical. Not for fiction. It's a bit much actually. Almost as if the agent wants you to do the work for her, especially with the marketing analysis...that's information she should know.

    Is this a newer agent? I think I'd research this one a bit more.


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    Mark Siet

    Re: Agent Request

    The customer is always right? Give them what they ask for.
    Besides it will be a good exercise for you. At some point along the way everything they are asking for will be something you'll need to have under your belt anyway.


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    * Chris

    Re: Agent Request

    This request came from the Marianne Strong Literary Agency based in NY. I checked them on P&E. All looked fine, including a $ next to their agency. It just seemed like a bit much to request, you know?

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    Gina Panettieri

    Re: Agent Request

    Chris, perfectly reasonable, right on the money, not in the least bit unusual or unexpected. She's asking for everything she'd need to make an intelligent, educated decision, and if it's a go, to move on the work immediately. I'd say she's really organized.

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    Daniel James Brown

    Re: Agent Request

    Yep. Perfectly reasonable. Almost exactly what my first agent asked for, in fact. And similar to what my second agent wanted. Take your time and craft all six elements.


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    Re: Agent Request

    Hi Chris. I remember this agent from like 3 years ago when I was on the market. She's from LA right? And made special note that you've gotta submit it in this regimented format of hers?

    I didn't bother sending the MS because her requirements were ludicrous.

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