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    Richard Lewis

    Miss Snark's Identity Revealed!

    I know this is completely self-serving of me, but for the details, go to my blog .

    If that html doesn't work, it's www.novelistinparadise.com

    I reveal all!

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    C Bets

    Re: Miss Snark's Identity Revealed!

    Page requested is not available. Error. ?

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    Denise .

    Re: Miss Snark's Identity Revealed!


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    r g

    Re: Miss Snark's Identity Revealed!

    I don't know. This agent started out as an editorial assistant. Miss Sn*ark said she didn't start on the editorial side of the business.

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    Bart Scrivener

    Re: Miss Snark's Identity Revealed!

    This brilliant deduction from someone who doesn't know who Amy Williams is?!

    First of all, I like reading Miss Snark's blog. Why try to expose her real identity at all? I fail to see the point. She provides some good behind-the-scenes information that she may not be willing to give if she's no longer anonymous.

    Second, Miss Snark is not Amy Williams.

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    Kyler James

    Re: Miss Snark's Identity Revealed!

    That's right, Bart. You beat me to it. Amy Williams is with Collins McCormick, and Miss Snark says she owns her own one-woman shop.

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    LG Labor

    Re: Miss Snark's Identity Revealed!

    I too think I know who she is. It's not impossible to figure out if you've read her posts: one-woman shop, in NYC, name that could be confused for a man's, query by snail mail only with first 10 pages. But I agree that we'd lose the fun of her blog if she were exposed (and admitted it, which she probably wouldn't). So why try?

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    A Writer

    Re: Miss Snark's Identity Revealed!

    I know for a fact that her identity has been uncovered by certain folks online, though I am not one of them.

    Many, including myself, at first thought that she was Joanna Pulcini, whom she is not.

    Funny, isn't it, how we want so badly to find out who these anonymous folks are? )

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    Mya Bell

    Re: Miss Snark's Identity Revealed!

    I haven't tried to figure out who she is. I like to read information for its own merits, cross-reference it with other information and make my own decision about whether it's good information or not.

    But if I did figure it out, I wouldn't broadcast it.

    There are things a person can say/share when they are anonymous that they can't say/share if they are not, for professional reasons.

    For example, I can talk a little bit about my editors and the editorial process (in a nice way) to help people understand the author/editor communications side of the publishing business if I post anonymously, but I have to keep that information to myself, out of professional courtesy, when I am identifiable. So there's a trade-off in terms of how much one can share.

    It's funny. I'm curious about everything except trying to unmask people. I've never had any desire to do that.

    --- Mya Bell

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    Re: Miss Snark's Identity Revealed!

    I humbly submit that I figured it out. It's not one of the above. I privately emailed her and she didn't deny I was right. It is possible to figure it out with the available data on her blog.

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