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    James Macdonald

    Re: Children's Literary

    <BLOCKQUOTE>Some books we've sold are: The Worry Stone and Fiddlin' Sam, for Marianna Dengler. Gift of the Dove and a four-book series, Tales From the Bayou, for Betty Hager. Twin Pickle, for Ann Doro.</BLOCKQUOTE>

    None of those books were published more recently than 1999. One of them, Gift of the Dove, was published in 1991.

    The Children's Literary Agency wasn't founded until 2005.

    Peter Parente self-published his books.

    Their parent company, ST Literary Agency/Stylus Literary Agency has no verifiable record of sales to anyone.

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    Patrick Carpen

    Re: Children\'s Literary

    Hey Guys,

    You seem like a bunch of really intelligent folks and many of you can smell a rat from afar!

    Yes, I gave the \"Children\'s Literary Agency\" a shot with one of my books.

    During the course of our interactions, I noticed they sent innopropriate emails about editing services that seemed to have been automated. They seem to automate most of their task.

    They wrote back and said my work was promising and some suggestions (in my opinion senseless) for revisions and reconstruction. I followed their advice to the letter.

    Then they called for money to cover tasks such as postage, and other expenses associated with sending out manuscripts to publishers. In all the asked for about $150. I can\'t remember, it was around 2003.

    In the subsequent months they would send a \"report\" on \"publisher\'s response\". In each report, one or two publishes would be listed as \"declined offer\".

    They said this would continue until they consider the the campaign \"closed\". After that, I have the option of ordering another campaign. And of course, the campaign was \"closed\". And these people had the audacity to email me asking for my decision to \"order another campaign.\" Lol.

    These people are as ridiculous as it gets.

    They have many siter websites that carry the same layout, wording and theme. I think the \"New York Literary Agency\" is one of them.

    I think the real solution for true writers is to come together, pool resources and devise a plan in which to self publish and market their work themselves.

    This may sound difficult, but with \"synergy\" it\'s actually easier than you think.

    God luck and God speed!

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