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    #9 envelopes . . .

    how do I love thee?

    I know, I was the same guy ranting about stamps just the other day, but now I've found the perfect canvas on which to affix those perky Disney caricatures.

    The #1 best thing about #9 envelopes is that they snugly fit inside of #10 envelopes, so no messy folding and stretching is required. And it seems that replies will still fit nicely into the #9 SASE.

    Staples only had them in 500 ct. boxes (b*stards) but I found them at a little shop downtown for five cents apiece, and I was free to buy as many or as few as I liked.

    If anyone else out there is having trouble finding these beauties, just mention it here. I might send you some over. But beware, you'll fall in love! (smooch, smooch) I'm kissing one as I write this . . .

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    Sandi Lemmings

    Re: #9 envelopes . . .

    I wasn't going to click on this, but I'm glad I did because it's early, I'm sipping coffee, and I found it amusing for a perverse reason.

    This post was almost like eavesdropping on one of my uncles. He refinishes furniture and raved for hours about the benefits of a 1/4 inch screw and the hex nut that fit it, at one of our family gatherings. Needless to say, by the end of the evening he didn't have much of an audience.

    I'm sure you wrote this in humor. But I'm glad you did, because it brought back that memory.

    Thank you.

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    Re: #9 envelopes . . .

    Gibby, I get the feeling you have mailed a few too many agents.

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    Java Joan

    Re: #9 envelopes . . .

    I find this thread scintillating.

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