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Thread: Good Agents

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    Gnip Gnop

    Good Agents

    Okay, there's enough smashing and dashing of writers' feelings from those agents who've made it so big, they forget there are real people behind those manuscripts they're rejecting. I know it's been done before, but in the spirit of the holiday, let's give thanks to those agents who give Great rejection.

    Here are a few from my list:

    -Brettne Bloom, Kneerim & Williams
    -Esmond Harmsworth, Zachary Schuster Harmsworth
    -Elaine Markson, Elaine Markson Lit Agency
    -Lisa Bankoff, ICM
    -Christi Cardenas, The Lazear Agency
    -Dan Lazar, Writers House
    -Michelle Tessler, Tessler Literary

    All gave positive feedback, wished me well, and personalized their letters. Cheers to them!

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    r g

    Re: Good Agents

    Here are some agents that rejected my MS along with very specific feedback (including scenes, character names, etc.) and an offer to see revisions of the submitted work or future work. One rejected me via phone call to provide revision feedback. I've also met them at conferences and they're just nice people in addition to be being good agents.

    Jennt Bent, Trident Media Group
    Kristin Nelson, Nelson Literary Agency
    Jacky Sach, Bookends

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    Re: Good Agents

    Keep going and keep those letters and notes from phone call critiques for future reference. I had quite detailed critiques from some of the best (as well as brisk rejections), but when I finally landed my agent, and discussed revisions, I not only had her comments to work with, but I reviewed my critiques from those other wise agents, and discovered there was a clear pattern in what they were advising me to do. I can't tell you how much it helped, so keep going and keep everything on file, even if they're sounding nonsensical at the moment.

    Also, young and upcoming agents who aren't yet superstars love discovering new talent, so if you can ask one of your superstars who reject you who they might recommend, they're usually happy to give a reference, which is great.

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    Abigail M

    Re: Good Agents

    British agents who have taken the time to offer me personalised rejections/advice/invitations for future project submissions:

    Simon Trewin at PFD
    Ed Jaspers at Conville and Walsh
    Sarah Molloy at AM Heath

    And an American agent who I'm working on revisions for (she's seen the full and has yet to reject me!)- very helpful and personal:
    Emma Parry at Fletcher & Parry

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    BPM Smith

    Re: Good Agents

    The best rejection comes from Jimmy Vines. I regret not sending him a letter back when I was on the market cause I don't do snailmail. But the rubber stamp sounds funny as hell.

    Dan Lazar is a good guy and i agree on his courtesy.

    Fifi Oscard is also kind.

    There is an agent who was so brutal and absurd with a rejection letter that I laughed out loud. Unfortunately, I can't remember his name, otherwise I'd share all. His wife must have cheated on him the night before and the mailman probably ran over his dog.

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    Rosie Suarez

    Re: Good Agents

    Was it Russell Galen?

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: Good Agents

    Dan Lazar was funny, honest, gracious, generous and kind during his three-day question and answer session recently at Backspace. (www.bksp.org) I'm not surprised he gives great rejections as well. Jenny Bent was a terrific guest too. Jeff Kleinman is the next agent up on the guest speaker list (December 13 - 15) and Nick Ellison has also agreed to visit, but we've yet to settle on the exact dates. All 'good guy' agents, as far as I'm concerned!

    The Backspace discussion forums are accessible via a yearly subscription, but the first five days are free to give people plenty of time to check the forums out before they commit. Our guest speaker program is a great way to talk to agents directly - ask them all the questions you'd like - get to know how they prefer to be approached and what their particular interests are BEFORE you query them. Check it out. (Only not tonight - our server's down for maintenance. The web guy says it might be a couple of days before it's fixed because of the holiday.)

    Cheers, and happy writing -

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    Jerry Hatchett

    Re: Good Agents

    Jeff Kleinman was nice right up to the time that he turned ultra-bizarre. I queried him and he asked for 50 pages, IIRC. I sent them. He responded fairly quickly, said he loved it, could I please send the full, and if it wasn't too much trouble, please print it in TNR. I of course did. He responded a little while later saying he was 75% (?) through and thoroughly enjoying it.

    Then he passed, and as a reason said something like, "You took some paths I couldn't deal with." I did everything short of beg the guy for a simple REASON for the pass, to just tell me what he was talking about; I always like to know what someone didn't like so I can fix it if I agree it's something that needs fixing. No matter how many times I asked, though, all he would ever give in response is something cryptic. It was bizarre because up until then he had been so very polite and communicative. And to be clear, he remained polite, but utterly refused to tell me what he didn't like. 'Twas strange and I still wonder about it on occasion.


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    Denise Kiincy

    Re: Good Agents

    That is very odd, Jerry, and it would drive me nuts. I read your entry through twice to soak it in properly. Are you sure he was talking about something in your work, or did he mean you took a path he couldn't deal with in the way you were dealing with him? Have no idea what that could have been, but for him to suddenly become so obtuse leads me to wonder. Did you call him when he preferred you write or email? At anytime before he made this bizarre switch, did you say anything that made him feel he was being pressured? Just my thoughts flowing out there. Have you considered this scenario?


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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Good Agents

    It's possible he'd been floating the idea to publishers already and they didn't bite, so he didn't bite further either. This happens.

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