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    Dave Kuzminski

    Re: $

    Rozinante is on target with what the $ means.

    I've given some serious consideration to using a slightly more complex system to indicate how many sales or how much those totaled in dollars. However, I quickly realized that would create a sales tracking nightmare, so that's unlikely to be developed. In fact, because some folks don't understand the $, I've concluded that anything more complex could confuse even more folks, so I'm keeping it simple as possible. The $ indicates that the agent/agency has accomplished one or more sales to legitimate royalty-paying publishers that concentrate on selling their books to the public rather than their own authors.

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    For Roy

    Good opportunity to say thanks, Dave, for all the work you do.

    And Roy, yes! You've got it! Now, I did not know about the connection to Steinbeck, which proves I haven't read Travels with Charlie and sorely need to. To deepen the enjoyment here of great authors...I'll tell you the translation of "Rozinante" from Spanish. The root of the word is "nag" or "hack" as in a broken down old horse. Cervantes then chose a suffix meaning "the most, the grandest, the ultimate". So the famous scrawny horse you see on all the Don Quixote statues is in fact "Nag-tastic!" or "Hack-ilicious!" or "His Supreme Nagness!"

    Damn, I admire Cervantes.

    I'm also a huge fan of Steinbeck. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Travels is obviously one of his works that had escaped me and now must go on my "to be read" list.

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    BPM Smith

    Re: For Roy

    I'm gonna use the $ symbol that my agent has at P&E to finance an across the US road trip with my monkey-robot. Follow up novel to be called "Travels with Tron."

    Big ups to Dave and the folks at P&E.

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