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    martha shmokler


    I'm sorry. I am not understanding exactly on preditors and editors what $ means. That the literary agency is OK to use? right?
    I also got confused when one agent is listed in a writers services and also has her own agency. Does one go with this type of agent?
    Thanks again.MS

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    Terri D

    Re: $

    The dollar sign means they've had sales. Dont' know what the rest means.

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    Re: $

    I think the $ is used to denote that a questionable agent does indeed have legit sales.

    The writers services thing is a conflict of interest (aka a no-no) for agents. Perhaps if there was a $ near the name it shows the agent is not a total scammer.

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    Re: $

    $ - Indicates verified sales to legitimate royalty-paying publishers on record

    That's from the site itself.

    I always interpreted it to mean that the agent is not only legitimate, but is in the top tier of deal makers.

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    Re: $

    Brittie, Alison Picard, who is questionable, has the $. I interpreted that as, "Questionable but does indeed have sales." Not may agents there have the $.

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    Re: $

    I'm sure Dave will show up to set us all straight, but until then....

    I believe the $ is a designation of legitimate sales verified. It is its own criterion, completely separate from any other indicator.

    Therefore, you will find many fabulous agents on the site with $. You will also find newbies and stragglers who are legitimate without $. You will find many complete scammers withOUT $. And you will occasionally find a bad apple who also happens to pull off a few sales, thereby earning the $.

    I think I have that right. The best thing to do is go to the definitions page at P & E and make sure.

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    Rosie Suarez

    Re: $

    Okay, now I'm confused. Wonky, are you saying Alison Picard is questionable based upon your own experience or knowledge, or is it because of how it's listed on P&E? Because I don't see anything in that listing that makes it seem questionable.


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    Re: $

    Well, as far as I know, she was involved in Edit Ink back in the day, and was also running her own editing service for a while. Both of these things can be considered a conflict of interest.

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    BPM Smith

    Re: $

    The P&E guys would be best to answer but from what I was told, the $ symbol means simply that they verified sales to publishers with documentation.

    So if there's a $ next to an agent in question you know that they've been money for at least another author or two out there. Cash money millionaire? Maybe not, maybe so.

    As for Alison Picard, I vaguely remember some conflict issues coming up last year. She's sold some books though and I once read some sterling butt kissing from one of her mystery authors in the acknowledgements section of a novel.

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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: $

    Rozinante..........Your nicky has always struck me as familiar for some reason. Now I know why. You chose the name of Don Quixote's horse the same as John Steinbeck did for the rig he drove in "Travels With Charlie."

    Of course, this shows how slow I am but nevertheless, good show, my friend!


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