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    Ele Anon

    Re: Radio Show Proposal

    Wow! What a great mix of information from all of you and your thoughts are sincerely appreciated.

    I've logged many hours in recording studios and love it, but as BPM pointed out, it can be costly. Luckily, with the magic of some dynamite software, weíve created other demos and when compared to those we did in the studio, the quality is equal. Since studio time is so expensive, we plan to use the same software program.

    The proposal for the program is still under development . . . Iíve been doing improv for many years and have some radio experience. The format will be a nice eclectic mixture of lighthearted comedy, call in opportunities, music, spoof psychic readings, and an animal spot. Donít want to say more than that at the moment.

    William, thanks for you generous offer to peek at what I have. As soon as it's on paper, I'll be in touch!

    Thanks again to all who shared.


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    N Ensley

    Re: Radio Show Proposal

    How to start a radio show.

    1. Buy cheap air time in your area.

    2. Produce the show and air it in that time frame you bought.

    3. If people like it then start to get stations outside your area to carry it

    4. Sell ads to companies with products your audience should want

    Once you get an audience and start to pick up stations outside your market, the large companies will take notice of you, but by then who needs them.

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