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    Jack Kazanski

    What do these rejections actually mean?

    All - I sent my QL and first chapter to one agent and I got an enthusiastic request for further material. I sent it immediately and a week later I got the following response:

    Thanks for sending along TITLE. Several agents here took a look at it. While we think you have great credentials and this has an interesting premise, we donít feel that it is going to be a project we can successfully sell. In a tough market like this, we are being very selective in what we choose to represent, and we just werenít enthusiastic enough about the writing to feel that we would be the best agency for your work.Good luck finding a home for this book, though, and please feel free to send along any future projects.

    I guess where I get to is this. Whilst it might just be a polite way of saying no, is there anything here I should think about? Does my "interesting" premise negate the ability to "sell it?"

    Ach...I don't get it. Translations, suggestions, opinions are all welcome.

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    Re: What do these rejections actually mean?

    Looks like nothing more than a form rejection to me. He doesn't mention anything specific about your project, right?

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    Sarah H.

    Re: What do these rejections actually mean?

    Hey Jack,

    It's a form rejection. Forget about it and send out more queries.

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    Jack Kazanski

    Re: What do these rejections actually mean?

    Other than the title of the book (which you'd kinda hope they'd get right) there is no other specific mention. Good, glad if it's just a form rejection. I needed to check though.

    Wonky, Sarah H - thanks so much for your quick responses!

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    Re: What do these rejections actually mean?

    What does ANY rejection mean? No.

    Nothing to interpret here. They're not interested.

    So, keep looking for somebody who is.


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    Re: What do these rejections actually mean?

    Form rejection. No tea leaves to be had.

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    they send that one out like it was loaded in a gatling gun.

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    Jack Kazanski

    Re: Levine

    Okay, I just needed to check.

    Pundit - cheers for the blunt response. Nothing like a hammer over the head on a rainy Monday.

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    Re: Levine

    I had a boss once whose favorite expression was, 'Hmmm... interesting.' That was his way of dissenting, of saying that someone's POV was not for him.

    Everything is interesting to someone. Hence the form letter. One size fits all.

    Don't sweat it.

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    Re: Jack

    Sorry to be blunt, but endlessly poring over the ramifications of every apostrophe in a rejection letter is a waste of time.

    Switch the scenario from publishing to relationships. You find somebody you're interested in. You approach him or her, and make your pitch. He or she responds with one of the following:

    Thanks, but I'm already seeing somebody.
    I'm not really ready for a relationship right now.
    That's so sweet! Oh, hey -look at the time - gotta go.
    I like you, but only as a friend.

    What do they all mean?


    In life, as in publishing, the sooner you recognize a no, the less time you'll waste wondering about them, and the more time you can devote to looking elsewhere for a yes.


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