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Thread: I Hate Mondays

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    Heather Brewer

    Re: I Hate Mondays

    Wait...you can say ass but not penis? That's just bizarre.

    I use Outlook and whenever I get new mail, a polite little box pops up & says "You've got a new message...would you like to read it now?" It's a rather pleasant way of telling me I've received spam.

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    Re: I Hate Mondays

    Ah...so nice to know I'm not alone. I DID, however, get a lovely little rejection from a decent-sized NY agent over the weekend. I'm afraid to quote it verbatim but it went something like this..."LOVED your premise but the MS needs work." (that was his emphasis on the loved part...I'm hangin' on to whatever I can).

    Mmmmkay? Vague enough for you? Well, at least he took the time to get back to me quickly (less than a week on a slush pile, snailed partial) and actually handwrote the reply. But still...

    Leigh (it's 12:30 and I'm still staring at an empty mailbox)

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    Debbi Voisey

    Re: I Hate Mondays

    I set up alerts on my mobile phone when I am awaiting an impotant email. When it comes in, I get a text message on my phone. It saves all that incessant checking.

    Unless, of course, you secretly enjoy the torture!!!


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    Re: I Hate Mondays

    Waiting for "that call" is all part of having an agent!

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    Re: I Hate Mondays

    Reading the above really helps my rainy Monday! Just to know there are so many out there going thru the same thing! I try to limit my email checks to after breakfast, after lunch, with tea, and possibly after dinner - always with a cigarette. They say that agents do most of their reading on weekends, but I usually get my requests at the end of the week. One good agent requested a partial on a Sunday! Well, I've checked every Sunday for about 9 or 10 weeks now - still no response...Well, that's it for now...I'll check again at Tea time....

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    Laura W

    best days

    I've been getting lots of requests and positives responses from agents on Fridays. Almost never on Mondays. I know this means nothing but I guess I've come to expect a slow start to the week. Anyone else have any seemingly lucky days?

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