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    Shann E.

    Re: A minor rant (It's late, I'm tired)

    Honestly, Robert- I think survival in this business (or any other for that matter) is all about enjoying what you're doing at the moment and not letting events in life send you on a roller-coaster ride. Of course, I say this without knowing how to pawn off my own season pass. Not helping, am I? <going back to my mailbox checking>

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    Re: A minor rant (It's late, I'm tired)

    Indeed you are (getting advice from Don Quixote's horse)! I used to post as yetanotherlurker but felt I outblabbed my lurker status.

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    Re: A minor rant (It's late, I'm tired)

    Yes, it's a crazy industry that relies on the personal tastes of agents. Some day, publishers will wake up to the caliber of the free screening services they're actually paying dearly for.

    As to the exclusive, my mantra is that they'll treat you like dirt if you let them.

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    Heather Brewer

    Re: A minor rant (It's late, I'm tired)

    Robert, in my opinion....if you drink enough scotch you'll THINK you're good at macrame. Wait until the exclusive end-date is up, then drop them a polite note enquiring and mention that another agent has requested it, but you don't want to send it out until you hear from them. I'm with you--exclusives are fine as long as you include a time frame.

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    Emma C

    Re: A minor rant (It's late, I'm tired)

    Hi Robert,

    It's totally okay to rant. We all do it. Good luck w/ your top choice. I think the fact you haven't heard is encouraging. I know you were bummed with the results a few years ago, but this is a new search and I would start compiling a list of other agents, even sending to those who passed a few years ago.

    How did I keep the hope alive in the face of the bad odds? Well, finding this board really helped. I think it was Ed Poe who wrote he queried over 100 agents and his book recently sold. If I hadn't found this board, I would've probably stopped querying after 20-25 agents and I wouldn't have discovered the resources to plenty more agents.

    I also started the next book with the attitude, "this one is gonna sell!" and who knows if that's true or not, but I believed it which kept me writing. It's tough but hang in there.

    Leslee, I had that happen twice where they asked for exclusives, and I sent the material anyway w/ my cover letter letting them know I couldn't grant the exclusive and had my material returned unread. It's kinda bummy, but it was their policy and I moved on. One let me know they would read it later if I could grant an exclusive and I filed that away just in case everybody else passed on me, so that's what I would do if I were you, and in some sense, I was glad to know right away whether it was a pass or not.

    I have to say when I had a bunch of stuff out, there was a calm before the storm where I didn't hear anything for a couple weeks before all of a sudden I started to hear back, both good and bad.

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    Emma C

    Re: A minor rant (It's late, I'm tired)

    Robert, I just want to add I'd wait until the exclusive is up, and then start querying and sending. Personally, I wouldn't extend the exclusive passed the agreed upon time period because you already have another agent requesting the partial. You could let the first agency know you that if you were to receive an offer elsewhere, you would give them an opportunity to respond. I think they'd understand.

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    Re: A minor rant (It's late, I'm tired)

    Robert, I feel we're in the exact same situation, only I finally gave up on that exclusive crap and sent out a couple more requested completes just last week.

    But yeah, I've been down this road plenty of times before, and it's very discouraging. Last week I got two rejections (one on a complete), was "uninvited" to an event I really wanted to go to, had to see an ex-lover who just wants to be friends at another event, and my cat died!

    Scotch and macrame? How about gin and jazz? My comforts of choice!

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    Re: A minor rant (It's late, I'm tired)

    Laura--I'm really sorry about your cat. Can you adopt another one (or two) after you feel a little better?
    For comforts, I like wine, screwball comedies, doodling diabolical doodles. And I keep a copy of this next to my desk: 'This is my true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.' --George Bernard Shaw
    Robert, I've been a selfish little clod often enough myself to know exactly how you feel. It's lousy. But feeling like crud gets boring pretty fast. So buck up, e-friend. We're all in this lovely literary boat together.

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    Robert Raven

    Re: A minor rant (It's late, I'm tired)

    Thanks for putting up with my late-night angst, and a clarification. Actuallly the "exclusive" business isn't bothering me all that much. It wasn't for a very long period of time, for one thing, and I knew I was going to be away for a chunk of it anyway. The major problem is simply the sense of certainty of rejection at the end of it. If I hadn't granted the exclusive to this one agent, I'd now have TWO partials out, with a certainty of rejection of both. Twice as bad.

    Dewars. Dewars really sux.


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