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    E H

    Introducing Myself and Question

    I just attended the Missouri Writers Guild annual conference, and I came away with both a lot of good information/tips and several contacts that I intend to utilize in the near future.
    Although I have been published many times, I don't really consider myself a "success". All of my work has been published in my local newspaper - either in the form of my weekly column or the occasional feature. By the way, I'm seventeen years old, a junior in high school, and my dream has always been to write.
    Anyway, I met an agent at the conference - Evan Fogelman. I talked to him at the urging of one of my new friends I met at the conference, a client of his that writes inspirational and self-motivational stuff. She and I had talked about how I someday want to write a book about my struggles being chronically ill my whole life and how I deal with it. The entire point of the book would be to inspire other people around my age that are disabled or sick that life can go on if you make it happen.
    Fogelman listened to me talk about my ideas. It wasn't really a pitch (I got the meeting spot last minute), just a short very summary of what I want to see happen. He seemed interested in my writing about coping with my certain ailment (a little known condition called VATER Association) and claimed there would be a market for it. He said to put together a book proposal and send it to him.
    Now here's my question - is this man legit? I looked up his website, which is simple but nicely done. He seems sincere enough, but I'm parinoid because I'm only seventeen and I'm scared to death that I'll be taken advantage of in some way. Has anyone dealt with him or his agency, Fogelman Literary Agents?


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    Re: Introducing Myself and Question

    Hi EH. I don't know Fogelman, but somebody else will.

    No need to be paranoid, but you do have to do some homework. Check him out on Preditors and Editors. Put his name into Google and do a larger search, not just his website. See who else he represents. Do a search in writers net search to see if there's been previous discussion about him.

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    Heather F

    Re: Introducing Myself and Question

    Fogelman is a legitimate agency. They will not take advantage of you, but it is good that you realize that there are some so-called agencies out there that will. Always beware of any agency that asks you for money. That is your clue that they are not legit. I don't think scam agents are ever invited to attend conferences.
    At any rate, go ahead and get your submission package ready. But realize that a sale is by no means guaranteed. Best of luck to you with your writing and your health.

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    Mary M.

    Re: Introducing Myself and Question

    Evan Fogelman's agency is listed on page 119 of the 2004 WRITER'S MARKET and he's definitely legitimate, with a background in entertainment law. He's a member of AAR and represents 100 clients, 2% of which are new/unpublished.

    His agency sold 60 titles last year and his clients include Caroline Hunt, Katherine Sutcliffe, and Crystal Stovall.

    He works with fiction and nonfiction writers, began his agency in 1990, and has mail addresses in both New York City and Dallas, Texas. In Texas, he serves as chairman of the Texas Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association.(You already have his website address.)

    I think you were fortunate to have been given so much of his time -- and at your age!!! -- and I encourage you to send him a thank-you note. Remind him of the location and focus of your conversation, plus his suggestion that you contact him with a proposal.

    For the latter, I recommend reading NONFICTION BOOK PROPOSALS ANYBODY CAN WRITE by Elizabeth Lyon (Blue Heron Publishing).

    I wish you much much success with your writing. Your having attended a conference at your age reflects your enthusiasm.

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    Re: Introducing Myself and Question

    Hello EH

    Mary M offers you wonderful advice.

    I am also impressed at the time and attention Mr. Fogelman afforded you, your enthusiasm, and your age.

    Good luck to you.

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    Re: Introducing Myself and Question


    He is a very respected and successful agent. One of the women in my local writer's group who is already multi-published just signed with him, and she had her pick of agents.

    Good Luck,

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    Emily Hendricks

    Re: Introducing Myself and Question

    Thank you for all the help and advice... I sent him an email, reminding him of our meeting, what we talked about, what he suggested I do, etc. Hopefully I'll get a response soon.
    I know that just because I put together a proposal and everything doesn't mean I'll get a sale. I've never been big on the prayer thing, but I think that that's going to change really quickly!


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