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    Heather F

    Re: PL or PW? Who to pay for?

    I guess I didn't really answer your question, MissV, regarding the difference between the two. I don't think that you can do much research on agents on PW, whereas on PM, you can search back through reported deals, which is a great feature. For agent research, I think your best bet is PM.
    My 2 cents.

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    Re: PL or PW? Who to pay for?

    Agree - for short term, PM is a great way to go, and you only have to shell up $15 per month at a time. But I have to say, my subscrip to PW (got it for $214) has been very significant in the big picture. I want to make a career out of writing/marketing/selling books, and this gives you the entire industry in an objective view. (PL, which I also get, is great, but a little catty sometimes, more casual, like talking in the john versus talking in the boardroom.) So, for short term, I'd suggest PM at $15, but for long term, PW has become a welcome addition to my reading pile.

    If you're not getting PL (and BTW, EVERYONE should be trying to get this if they're looking to sell a book, now or in the future. How can you pass up this freebie?!), go for it.

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    Dee Power

    Re: PL or PW? Who to pay for?

    I would recommend subscribing to PublishersMarketplace.com, that's the only way you can access their databases. Read Publishers Weekly at your public library. I subscribe to both and couldn't give either one up.


    Dee Power (Ms.) is co-author with Brian Hill of
    “Making of a Bestseller: Success Stories from Top Authors
    and the Editors, Agents, and Booksellers Behind Them”
    Spring 2005, Dearborn Trade,
    “Overtime,” a novel, September 2003
    “Attracting Capital From Angels” 2002,
    “Inside Secrets To Venture Capital” 2001

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