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    Re: Fight scam with spam

    Let's pay them with monopoly money.

    You know what they say... an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters will eventually unwittingly rewrite Hamlet.

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    Re: Fight scam with spam

    *Ghostwriters behind autobiographies and self-help books that have graced The New York Times Bestsellers List.
    * Health writers who have ghostwritten for famous doctors.
    * Authors with bestsellers under their own names who are looking for additional work.
    * Folks who have published works in the Dummies series, with Random House, McGraw-Hill, Adams Media, and John Wiley & Sons, among others.
    * Journalists who've written for The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and USA Today, including one who's won awards for his work with The LA Times.
    * Authors whose books have been selected by the Book of the Month club.
    * Other equally talented freelancers with slightly less experience, for potential clients on smaller budgets."

    * All of whom will remain conspicuously nameless until I receive your $25,000 check, at which pont I will reveal that by "talented writers," I of course mean "me and my pet boa constrictor."

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    Re: Fight scam with spam

    I have some lovely waterfront property in Florida. It is truly magnificient....waterfront, waterback, waterside, waterunder and waterover. Some spoilsports call it swampland but I am confident that those who are willing to pay 25K for a ghostwriter would willingly pay top dollar for such rare real estate. This would be a perfect place where they can relax and read their ghostwritten books.

    Now, if only I could get a hold of their customers.

    PS. It says on the site "Mahesh Grossman is the author of "Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger". Hmmm. Did he write the book himself? That kinda kills the book, doesnt it.

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    Re: Fight scam with spam

    Dear Mr. Estrada:

    Please send all info about the Florida swampland..um..property immediately. I believe it would be a great location for the new office of the Wonky Literary Agency!!!

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    Re: Fight scam with spam

    Maid: I just wrote a whole novel in my head just now, without lifting a finger, but then the phone rang. I forgot everything but chapter 14. A very fine chapter.

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