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Thread: Gerard's site

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    Joe D.

    Gerard's site


    Do I understand correctly that the agents on page 1 of Gerard's site would be better than the agents on page 2?

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    Re: Gerard's site

    Only in his opinion.

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    Spike W.

    Re: Gerard's site

    The page-1 agencies on the site look like "bigger-name" firms (e.g., more recognized, bigger sales figures--volume and per-book), on average, than those on subsequent pages, but that doesn't mean that they're "better" (Joe's word) for a given book than their peers.

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    Re: Gerard's site

    The best agents are always the ones most enthusiastic about your work.

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    Re: Gerard's site


    Gerard's site is great and did give me a sense of who were the more major players in the industry but in terms of top choices, I think it all depends on what genre you write too. My top choice agency was on Gerard's page two, and remained so almost til the end, even though I had material out w/ agents on page one. My new top choice agency is still on his page two for different reasons.

    I also found some really good agents to query on his page three (and maybe his four?--can't remember). There's also a link to agents who are good but who he doesn't have email addresses for and shouldn't be ignored.

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    Re: Gerard's site

    And, by the way - Buy his book! It's the least we can do to repay him for the website. And it's good, too.

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    Rich L.

    Re: Gerard's site

    One caveat: I would not mention the fact that you got a particualr agent's name and/or email from this site. Gerard has alienated a significant number of agents.

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    Re: Gerard's site

    Yeah, what Wonky said.

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    industry insider

    Re: Gerard's site

    Be careful of this site. For one thing, it doesn't give enough information to really figure out if an agent is a good fit. For another, many bad agents are included (ditto for the publishers). Gerard's attitude is "anyone stupid enough to pay for an agent or a publisher is too stupid to write anything worth reading or writing anyway". That's a direct quote from his site--you can find it here:


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    Boyd Coleman

    Re: Gerard's site

    Okay, I'll be the newbie guinnea pig... what is the URL for Gerard's site?

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