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    Karen Dionne

    Thanks, goodbye, and a word of warning

    My agent received the following message from someone here at Writer's Net Saturday evening:

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "marla dobson" <marladobson@hotmail.com>
    To: <jmkagent@aol.com>
    Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2004 8:33 PM
    Subject: Karen Dionne

    > Dear Mr. Kleinman:
    > Are you aware that you're being discussed to death in the forums at www.writers.net and have been for some time? Your client Karen Dionne hangs out there and she rants on and on about you (would you believe some 129
    threads?) Fine and dandy except that some of the other posters there end up attacking YOU because Karen's made it clear that in five years, you've not managed to sell anything.

    > For example: http://www.writers.net/forum/read.ph...=61787&t=61787
    > Just thought you might want to know.

    Indeed. And I thought Writer's Netters "might want to know" that there are people here who will do this kind of thing.

    My agent could care less about this. I, however, care very much. I've worked very hard over the years to make sure that all of my dealings with my agent are professional. Unfortunately, my participation here has resulted in his getting the equivalent of a crank phone call. Well, it's not going to happen again. "Marla" is obviously a sad, jealous person, and I know there are some people here who will advise that I just shrug off her little games, but my agent's a busy person, we're right in the middle of trying to sell my novel - bottom line, we don't need (insert not-nice word here) like this.

    I don't blame Writer's Net; it's my own fault for being so naive about the potential dangers of discussion boards. I can't turn back the clock and become anonymous after posting here under my real name and openly using his for almost two years, so all I can do is leave. As much as I love this place, my relationship with my agent and ultimately my writing career means much more.

    So here's big THANK YOU to all the people who've cheered me on and cheered me up and taught me so much about the writing business. A few words really can't express all you've done. Drop me a line once in a while; I'd love to hear about your success. (And if anyone wants a query or a synopsis critique, I'm still very much open for business. Can I make an exception to the "no advertising" policy just this once, Hamish? www.kldionne.com)

    Best to all, and good luck -


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    Ed Poe

    Re: Thanks, goodbye, and a word of warning

    I am speechless. That is truly horrible. Though I feel your decision is the correct one given the circumstance, I must say, Karen, please don't go. Please. I don't know what else to say. This makes me wonder whether I should stick around here either. Might be time to move on.

    --Ed (in shock at the unbelievable meaness at work against the nicest person on this board)

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    Re: Thanks, goodbye, and a word of warning

    I'm with Ed. I don't want to see you go but I know I'd do exactly the same thing. How sad - but I suppose it's not surprising or unusual that this could happen.

    Please keep me up to date, Karen. You know how to reach me (and I you).

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    Hazel Motes

    Re: Thanks, goodbye, and a word of warning

    That's a damn shame. In my brief time here, Karen,
    your posts are ones I invariably read, both for
    info & civility. Watch out for your karma, "Marla."

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    Re: Thanks, goodbye, and a word of warning


    I'm mortified that someone would do that to you. You have helped so many people with your great advice and positive attitude. It is a real shame that you and all of the other appreciative, honest people who visit this site will have to pay for marla's juvenile, meddling behavior. If I were in your position, though, I think I would have to make the same unpleasant decision that you have.

    If there was ever anyone who deserved to become a best-selling author, it's you, Karen. I really believe that it will happen for you, and I hope you'll email if (when) it does.

    Best of luck!!! 8)

    Beaker (who's mad at marla)

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    Re: Thanks, goodbye, and a word of warning

    Stunned . . . It boggles the mind that people can be so vicious. On the flip side to this snide (not sure that's a strong enough word) email, your comments about your agent here have also garnered him a great deal of respect from people on the site. If you go, you will be missed!!

    Happy writing!

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    Re: Thanks, goodbye, and a word of warning

    I'm really sorry this happened, Karen.

    Marla sucks!


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    Re: Thanks, goodbye, and a word of warning

    That's a very mean-spirited and hostile action. It's obviously been done by someone jealous of where you stand at this point. There are people out here in the internet world who's entire form of enjoyment is screwing people. I'd say the hell with them, and not give them what they obviously hope you do. That is to leave.

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    Re: Thanks, goodbye, and a word of warning


    I was so sorry to see your post. Your advice is always welcome and helpful. It saddens me to learn you are leaving. I will certainly miss your posts. Hope you will reconsider. It's a shame that some people have such a mean spirit.

    Many others have left due to unpleasant posts and it's unfortunate that forums can bring out the worst in some people. This will definitely make many of us gun shy in the future.

    Wishing you the very best!

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    Richard Blank

    Re: Thanks, goodbye, and a word of warning

    The intent of some people here is clear, and some of the people here are just plain ridiculous. They claim to be published, but they post in the dark, hiding from us (their fellow writing peers) under some lame pseudonym. That doesnít mean everyone---so donít blast away. You can tell the difference between the good writers and the bad writers here, as well as the serious, motivated, passionate, caring, strong-willed and published writers. At least I can, anyway. You are certainly the positive that I speak about here, and itís a frigginí shame that you feel like you have to leave. This is YOUR HOME, KD---not a jealous wannabe writer named Marla---and I think you should reconsider leaving because your posts HELP us serious writers. Anyone who would do what Marla did is just a flash in shiit pan in this biz. I hope you stay, but if not, Iíll throw you an occasional e-mail.

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