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Thread: Agnes Birnbaum

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    Daniel Brown

    Agnes Birnbaum

    Anybody have any experience with Agnes Birnbaum (Bleecker Street Associates)?

    I recieved an offer of representation from her yesterday. I enjoyed our phone conversation, and I feel comfortable with her, but I just thought I'd check and see if anybody had opinions about or experiences with her.

    Many thanks...

    Dan Brown (Not, alas, the Dan Brown of DaVinci Code fame.)

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    Re: Agnes Birnbaum

    Um, she rejected me. But it was all very professional!

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    Jackie Kessler

    Re: Agnes Birnbaum

    Mazel tov! That's fabulous news! Congratulations on being THISCLOSE to having an agent!

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    Nate Newton

    Re: Agnes Birnbaum

    Assuming that you've already checked P&E and AAR, I say go with it! If you have anyone you know who belongs to PW, have them check her name under a search bar there (that is if you're interesting in charting her sales records and seeing what's the last books she's sold). You can do it yourself, but you won't get any new listings since PW went to a pay-service. Listings will be no newer than last summer.


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    Re: Agnes Birnbaum

    Ms. Birnbaum has 11 deals listed under her name in PMP, 9 of which are for non-fiction.

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    Re: Agnes Birnbaum

    She's a good agent--repped a big chick lit book--The Dim Sum of All Things. Congrats, Dan! You're on your way.

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    Dan Brown

    Re: Agnes Birnbaum

    OK, thanks for looking up the numbers Sheergen, and thanks to all for the other bits of input.


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    Re: Agnes Birnbaum

    Hey congratulations, Dan. Can you tell me how long you waited until she got back to you? She asked me for more materials after reading my query and that was almost two months ago. I'm wondering if I should call her to follow up, since I don't have an e-mail. Any insights or suggestions?

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