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    Re: Feeling a little sheepish...

    Thanks everyone! I'm a regular poster, but wanted to remain anonymous---but I understand why you were jumpy, Lara!

    Actually, I haven't sent out fulls or partials to all those who requested yet, I wanted to see if anyone had personal experience because as you know, it costs a bomb to print and send out MSs!

    I also had a bad experience with my last agent, and I'm looking for a better relationship this time.

    Talking with them is a good idea--I'll do that.

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    Re: Feeling a little sheepish...

    all those agents? Wonderful that they want to see your book.

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    Re: Feeling a little sheepish...


    Joy Harris is a player, so is Vicky Bijur. These are just the ones I'm familiar with. My agent is also on your list. But since I've only signed with her three weeks ago, I don't know if my experience is much help. But I agree that if you have a couple that have offered representation. Time to make phone calls to everyone telling them, then moving on those offers of rep. You can repost once it has been narrowed down. If my agent is one of those you narrowed down to, I'd be glad to tell you what I know about her off the boards.

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