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    Re: no passive voice for me!!

    Maybe the prize will be a passivefier.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: no passive voice for me!!

    Not even close on a length record, I'm afraid. If you really want to see length (and soap opera) use the word "poetry.com" in a post. (Uh, oh. H-e-r--e they C-O-M-E!)

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    Shame on me

    for having posted anything to this thread after having only read five or six of the posts. I just love a chance to defend fine writing. After having gone back and read a few more posts, I see that my defense of passive voice has little relation to the issues above and the series of miscommunications Karen mentioned.

    For the record, I don't think it's wise to use passive voice in query letters, because so many people don't like it, it's difficult to pull off even in stylistic prose, and is probably not appropriate for most query letters. And I guess that's what this thread was really about.

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: Shame on me

    Actually, KBG, this thread seems to be about a little of everything! No need to apologize; your points are always well taken.

    I see George has a sense of humor! Good one, George. Nice to end the discussion with a smile.

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