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    after the happy dance, questions a writer should a


    Let's assume a writer gets a wonderful phone call from a wonderfully nice agent who offers representation. After the writer hangs up..yells..screams..does a jig..runs around the block..OD's on ice cream..faints, what questions should he/she make a point to ask and consider before signing on any dotted lines.

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: after the happy dance, questions a writer shou

    EE, a New York agent, addresses this subject in her article on the Agents' page.


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    Lisa J. Werth

    Re: after the happy dance, questions a writer shou

    Hopefully, you done the research on them before hand to know their sales record, printing/mailing fees/reimbursement, and whatever else you can gleen.

    If there are specific things that confuse you in the contract ask about them, do they have any concerns about the manuscript at this point. Where might they start pitching it to.

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    Buster Briggs

    Agent Questions

    Lisa makes a very important point, that a writer should have done some research before submitting to an agent or a publisher, gathering information about them so the writer has an idea what to expect, or not to expect, from them.
    This would appear to be self-evident but many writers only begin asking questions along these lines after the fact.

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    Re: Agent Questions

    You'll want to look at EE's article. The answers to some of her questions could be found through research, but many of them cannot be asked or answered until you both are ready to begin the relationship.


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    My first agent was pretty good at keeping me in the picture with what was happening with submissions. I hope that my second (fingers crossed there will be one) will be as communicative. I shall want to know whether he/she will contact me every time they submit? By phone? By e-mail? Would they mind if I contacted them for progress reports? Not that I ever did this with my first agent but it's nice to know that you can. It's awful if you're plunged into radio silence with no response to e-mails or phone messages - as recently happened to a friend with a very high-profile NY agent.

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