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    writing "real" people

    Ten weeks ago I mailed my manuscript to an agent who, after reading a paritial, "loved" it and wanted to see the whole thing. According to the agency website it can sometimes take two months to respond to full manuscripts. Is it too early to drop a brief, polite letter or email inquiring about my manuscript.

    I realize that it's summer and people go on vacation, but I'm chomping at the bit (over-anxious newbie stuff, I know.)

    thanks for any feedback!

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    When to inquire about status of submission

    Sorry, this should be the real header to this thread.

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    Johnny Appleseed

    a little bit on horses...

    <font color=brown>
    actually, the phrase is "champing at the bit" which means chafing, rather than chomping (chew noisily but to answer your question...

    >>> send an e-mail reminding said agent that you exist and asking how long it might take, using as "excuse" that you wanted to make sure to catch her/him before leaving on his/your (choose one) vacation.

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    A Rassios

    Re: Whoa!

    I don't think it matters a whole lot, but if they say two months, give them two months, or even three.

    You will soon learn to enjoy the waiting period, as it offers HOPE and DREAMS.

    In the meantime, keep the manuscript circulating.

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    A Rassios

    Re: Whoa?

    How come my message is here, but my name doesn't show up on the thread list?

    Oh god! It's the COMMA POLICE!

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    Lisa J. Werth


    Keep querying to others - keeps your mind off of waiting on this one. And Mr Applesees's idea is a good one too.

    Do you ever use purple? (My birthday is Sunday.) Came upon a pen name idea last night, Jette (since I was born on 7/27 (727-plane), Jet sounds like a guy.)

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    Johnny Appleseed

    Re: Johnny!

    <font color=purple>
    ok, lisa, this color is for you!
    Jetta? (afro-american sounding?);

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    Karen Dionne

    No, it's "Auto-login"

    Cancel that, Anna, and your messages will show up in the threaded view. If you can't figure out how, try a seach - the instructions are here somewhere on the forum!


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    Lisa J. Werth

    Thanks Johnny!

    A pilot I once knew said he could nickname me Boeing.

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    Re: Thanks Johnny!

    I have my own technique on this. Phone. I know it is thought that phoning agents is not the done thing, but it only takes a moment. You might get a minion, but, especially in the late morning - the best time to phone, in my opinion - you just as often get to speak to the agent. This is very informative in itself. And the process also gives an insight into how efficient the agency is (some are a shambles).


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