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    "...I'm sending a rejection letter to..."

    I now need to send off 4 letters to agents who are still considering my book proposal now that an agent has agreed to represent me.

    In my "rejection" letter, should I mention the name of my new agent, or just send a sort of generic letter stating...thanks for considering my proposal, but I now have another agent, etc...?

    ***I have to admit it's pretty cool, for a change, to send an agent a rejection letter!***

    Any opinions for a good agent rejection letter so I don't burn any future bridges?

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    Re: "...I'm sending a rejection letter to...&

    To paraphrase: Be nice to those you meet on your way up, because you might run into them again on the way down. Anyone remember the actual quote?

    A polite "thank you for considering my work. Since I submitted my novel (or whatever) to you, another agent has agreed to represent me. Sincerely, " would be fine.

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    Double Drift

    Re: "...I'm sending a rejection letter to...&

    Anon: I've heard variations on that quote. One is "The hand you step on while going up might be the one you have to kiss on the way down."
    You can substitute 'hand' with some form of 'posterior', if you like.

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    Rejecting agents

    Betsy, you're in a nice postition, but there's no sense in offending any of the other four agents. The agent you signed with may not have any luck with your book, or could die or even drop you somewhere along the way, or you may decide the relationship isn't working. And you may end up needing to go back to one of the others. It has happened.

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