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    Karen Dionne

    Re: Eileen...Huh!?!

    Well, I guess I'm Eileen's one-time-out-of-ten, because I e-queried my agent on a Thursday, sent him the ms at his request later the same day, and signed with him the following Tuesday. That's less than a week!

    Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for the rest of her scenario to play out. My agent signed me even though the ms wasn't ready because he loved the premise so much. Now, THREE YEARS AND THREE REWRITES LATER, the manuscript is about to go out to publishers.

    I think I've paid my dues for that early quick success!

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    Re: Eileen...Huh!?!


    Bravo! And you certainly paid your dues. I hope it doesn't take three more years for a publisher to buy your manuscript--I doubt it will(from your posts and the time that you have put into your work, it sounds like you're one smart and talented cookie)! I just can't believe that you weren't rich two weeks after your agent decided to sign you--my goodness

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    Re: Eileen...Huh!?!

    Good Lord, Karen, way to hang in there! You certainly deserve success after all that hard work.

    And Eileen, you hang in there, too. It will happen for you, eventually.

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: Eileen...Huh!?!

    Thanks, Eileen and Kelly. Of course, there's always more to the story. The agent that signed me in less than a week was the 54th agent I queried. :-)

    In her book, "The Forest for the Trees, an Editor's Advice to Writers", Betsy Lerner, editor-turned-agent, says, "the degree of one's perserverance is the best predictor of success". If she's right, then all of us who are hanging in there will make it one day.

    Best wishes to both of you, too.

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