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Thread: Evan Fogelman?

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    Evan Fogelman?

    Has anyone here ever heard of the Evan Fogelman literary agency? I queried the agency about a month ago and haven't heard back yet (their website promises a 3 day turnaround). I'm just wondering if anyone has any info. Thanks


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    DB Toro

    Re: Evan Fogelman?

    Dear Holly,

    Yes, I've heard of them. They sent me a very nice rejection letter. It only took a few weeks. Perhaps yours is being processed for further consideration. I know I have'nt received back replies to some I've sent as early as January. IMO - "no news is good news". Hang in, keep trying.


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    Mid-MO Writers Marketing Group

    Re: Evan Fogelman?

    Yes, Holly, there is an Evan Fogelman. I just returned from the Missouri State Writers Guild Conference. He was one of our finest speakers. A tough-looking man with a soft heart and authentic communication, I believe Evan will give you the straight poop. It is time for you to follow through on your submission. I believe this is a fine agency and agents are hard to get. Tell them in your query that you were given to understand... Be honest and accurate about exactly what you understood and from what source. Then, 'nuff said. Move on to the positive and productive aspects of your submission process.

    Evan said at the conference that the quality of your writing was the first thing considered. Beyond that, it should need very little editing to compete in today's market. (I just found that out the hard way.) You must be flexible about what editing they advise--when they say jump, you say how high on the way up. Submit exactly according to guidelines and/or professional format, etc. There were 15 directives given by Evan and the whole panel of experts from all over the country to sum up the conference.

    I would further suggest that you attend at least one state and one regional writers conference annually if you are ready for an agent. There is a treatise on that very topic in Writers' Market 2004.

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