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Thread: Your Questions

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    Victoria Strauss

    Re: Real Agent from New York


    Thanks for sharing your Northwest experience. The reason I asked about agents is that as with Commonwealth of Canada, Northwest paid kickbacks to agents who persuaded their clients to accept Northwest contracts. Hundreds of authors lost thousands of dollars apiece to Northwest. I've seen some of the court papers; when the company's assets were seized, the books were found to be in such disarray that they couldn't be audited.

    At least some Northwest employees took a leaf out of their employer's book, and started their own fraudulent subsidy publishing companies. One was sentenced and ordered to pay restitution just this past April.

    Thanks again--

    - Victoria
    Victoria Strauss
    THE GARDEN OF THE STONE (HarperCollins Eos)
    Homepage: http://www.victoriastrauss.com
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    Mary M.

    For Victoria

    I was unaware of the slanderous activity of former Northwest employees. It's just another sad story in the world of "bottom line" greed.

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