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    Clyde Bruno

    Too good too be true.

    I believe the saying is "If it appears to be too good", well you know the rest. I'm glad I'm not the only writer who sends to multi agents at once. I would not offer excusifity (I know thats wrong!) to anyone with out seeing the money first. Take it or leave it. However have received five requests for the entire manuscript after a one page query letter, I'm afraid I'm not a trusting soul. Does anyone have any input to the following company's? The Book Potato, New York creative managment, The Gale Ross Literary Agency, Sedgeband Literary Assoc. and New Brand Agency Group. Thank you CB.....

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    C. Van Vleet

    Re: Too good too be true.

    Don't know about the rest, but Gail Ross is legit and has a fairly quick response time. Happy hunting!

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    Miguel Brandoni

    Re: Too good too be true.

    Rosario de Santa Fe, Argentina

    Señor/a: Presente

    Aquí le envío esta,

    Miguel Brandoni es rosarino y desde hace más de 20 años incursiona en estudios que se relacionan con el género humano en la tierra.
    Esa motivación lo trasladó por diversos ámbitos de proyección, entre los que se encuentra la literatura.
    Participó en la Antología “Laberintos Azules y se dedica actualmente a su formación literaria.
    Mexclo no es sólo un canto esperanzado a los altos destinos de la raza humana sino también su primer libro; y como tal, un logro de sus aspiraciones más caras.
    Los caminos que nos ofrecen las palabras en su vastísimo espectro de significación son no sólo cuantiosos, sino también sorprendentes.
    Por este texto de Brandoni, vamos a penetrar en una senda que por momentos nos desconcertará con respecto a su recorrido hasta llegar a vislumbrar cuál es el verdadero propulsor ideológico del autor.
    La incursión en las leyendas de remotas poblaciones indígenas tendrá que unirse en un trayecto con la historia fantástica de Mexclo, un ser de idealidad concreta y constitución poética, para que al unísono el mensaje de paz y convivencia armoniosa sea evidente en los ojos y el espíritu del lector. No está ausente tampoco el autor que incursiona como personaje no protagonista del texto. Su inclusión obedece a una acertada estrategia que lo une a las historias que narra para demostrar más claramente que en Mexclo no debemos encontrar sólo un mundo fantástico de posibilidades maravillosas, sino también la convicción firme y decidida de un hombre sensible a las grandes tragedias que la discriminación viene recitando desde sus orígenes de la humanidad.

    El autor pretende llevar al conocimiento de editoriales y centros de cultura de todo el mundo su obra Mexclo a los efectos de poder contar con la difusión que puedan hacer los mismos con respecto a los valores éticos universales expresados en su texto.
    Así también, considera que la difusión debe hacerse en los institutos educativos de nivel primario, medio y superior, ya que reviste particular interés para los formadores de las nuevas generaciones a las que preparan para una más sana y rica convivencia en el tejido social.

    Si a usted le interesa le enviaré una ampliación de la propuesta.

    Un saludo cordial,
    Miguel Brandoni

    Dirección: Pasaje 1736/ número 2816 / Rosario Provincia de Santa Fe / código postal: 2000, Argentina.
    Teléfono: 00 54 0341 4560370
    e-mail: miguelbrandoni@ciudad.com.ar miguelbrandoni@yahoo.com.ar

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    Roy Johnson

    Re: Too good too be true.

    I have found negative things about Sedgeband here:


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    Clyde Bruno

    Re: Too good too be true.

    Thank you Roy, I will check that site out today. Did you see what the guy from Argentina sent me? Wish I could speak the language! CB....

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    Victoria Strauss

    Re: Too good too be true.

    - The Book Potato: Writer Beware has received a couple of complaints about David Ayscue of Bookpotato. He's a rare book dealer-cum-literary agent. He has no professional experience in agenting, publishing, or editing--not good for someone who wants to be a literary agent, since contacts within the industry, as well as certain types of specialized knowledge that can only be acquired by working in publishing, are essential to success. People who come to agenting from outside the field may take a very long time getting up to speed--if indeed they ever do.

    Mr. Ayscue has no sales that I'm aware of, and requests a $50-per-quarter "advance" on submission expenses (this is nonstandard: while many agents do charge some expenses back to their clients, they allow these to accrue and take them out of the income from sales). I've also heard from people who report that mss. they've sent him are returned to them edited, even though they didn't ask for this service; those who then decline representation are asked to pay $5 per page.

    - New York Creative Managment: Writer Beware hasn't received any complaints about NY Creative Management, and to my knowledge it doesn't charge fees. However, I'm not aware that this agency has made any sales, despite more than a year in business. Jeff Schmidt, the owner, is a writer with one published book; Kevin Ahearn, his co-agent, is an aspiring novelist who doubles as a book doctor, and sometimes offers paid editing services to potential clients (this is a conflict of interest: if an agent can make a profit by the recommendation to edit, how can the writer trust that the recommendation is in his/her best interest?).

    - The Gail Ross Literary Agency: This is a legitimate agency, with a solid track record. There's more info at its website (there are some very useful articles about publishing at this site; it's worth checking out). I believe it specialises in nonfiction.

    - Sedgeband Literary Assoc: Writer Beware has received a number of complaints about Sedgeband. In its contract, it requires writers to bear the entire cost of submitting manuscripts to publishers, through monthly billings. This isn't standard (see above). Additionally, Sedgeband's submission costs are padded with extras publishers neither want nor need, such as author photos, business cards, fancy portfolio covers, sample marketing plans, etc. According to documentation I've collected, the average cost of Sedgeband's submissions is around $70 per month.

    Additionally, Sedgeband requires clients to reimburse travel expenses, something a reputable agency will never do. And it requires clients to sign a Durable Power of Attorney form, giving Sedgeband sweeping rights over their material, including the right to assign representation to whatever third party Sedgeband chooses without asking the author's permission.

    Last but not least, Sedgeband has a page on its website with listings of clients and their published works. I've checked these, and they're not quite what they seem. Some books are self-published; some are to be published with a questionable publisher. Others don't appear to have been sold by Sedgeband at all, in accordance with the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

    - New Brand Agency Group: This agency was one of those that referred to Edit Ink, a fraudulent editing service that paid kickbacks to the agents who worked with it. Most of the agents involved were questionable, but a few legitimate agents did get sucked into the scheme for a while. Frankly, I'm not certain which New Brand is. According to its website, it boasts a considerable list of commercial sales. But info on it is scarce, and it rarely makes an appearance in the trade press. For a second opinion, you might try Agent Research & Evaluation's free agent verification service. They'll check their database to see whether the agent has made any sales that are part of the public record, and also let you know whether any complaints have been received.

    - VIctoria
    Victoria Strauss
    THE GARDEN OF THE STONE (HarperCollins Eos)
    Homepage: http://www.victoriastrauss.com

    Writer Beware: http://www.sfwa.org/beware

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    Re: Too good too be true.

    Sounds to me like Gail Ross is your first choice here, with all the others running way behind.

    Good luck. Hope she likes your book.

    -Ann C. Crispin

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    Clyde Bruno

    Re: Too good too be true.

    Thank you Victoria Strauss and Ann C. Crispin. I don't know how to show you my appreciation. At my age, I'm only allowed so many mistakes. I can't imagine how many you two have saved me. It must give you great pleasure to do what you do. I will be back to Writers.net, should Gail Ross and I not hook up. Thank you, everyone, CB.....

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