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    Amelia Rasmus

    Finding the right agent

    <P>I need advice and some reassurance. I sent out 26 query letters and up until now have received 15 rejects and 5 agents who are BIG have asked to read the manuscript. What are my chances of landing one of these agents? <P>The agents are big: Sandra Dijkstra Agency, Aaron Priest Agency, Jane Rotrosen Agency, Sanford Greenburger Agency and Mildred Marmur Associates. <P>Can anyone tell me what my chances are? Because I'm going to have a nervous breakdown by the time these people get back to me.

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    mary thomas

    Finding the right agent

    I have almost finished writting a book and would like to know how to find an agent who can help wiith the editing and getting it published for a percentgage. Is there anyone out there who does this.

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    Kristina David

    Finding the right agent

    My name is Kristina David. For the past year I've been looking for a publisher to publish five of my children stories (poetry/rhyming genre). Each publisher I've sent to has rejected me because of two reasons: didn't fit in with their present publishing program and/or they could not accept unsolicited material without an agent. So this brings me to say that I'm in search of a literary agent. Since I'm on a very tight budget, I don't know how much money I will be able to pay if there are any agent fees, but if need be I will try to find a way to pay. Thank you, Kristina David

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    Aneza Immelman

    Finding the right agent

    Hi, I have recently completed a manuscript which I have been working on for a long time. It is a science fiction/fantasy work, and I am really not sure what to do next. Call me lost in the dark if you will! I would very much like to see this work published, as I have put a lot of time and effort into it, but I am really not sure where to turn. I live in South Africa, and I am not sure that there is such a big market for works of this kind over here. If you think that you might be interested in taking a look at what I have done so far, please contact me at my e-mail: pocketrocket@icon.co.za Thank you

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    Avi Dresner

    Finding the right agent


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    Laura Bedsole

    Finding the right agent

    Hi. I am a poet and a writer of short stories; small time published and am working on a true story about generational curses; walking out of the darkness and finding Light in the truth about the power that is ours through Christ. I have written, printed and sold 7 poetry books so far but want to get financial backing to go to a larger scale of selling and success. I believe I have something to say; worth hearing; to my generation. If you would like to hear more; please contact me @ Rachel4HIM@aol.com Thank you.

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    Brady Boyd

    Re: Finding the right agent

    I just wanted to post on a really old thread just to see what would happen.

    Ha ha, it's like a time machine.


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