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    Jimmy Goldfarb

    $25 Fee from agent listed here

    Does anyone have any information about Mark Maine and Authors Adventure Assistance Literary Agency?

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    olin thompson

    $25 Fee from agent listed here

    Jimmy, if you only knew the number of references to that sleazebag scum ball; you couldn't believe, in your lifetime, the number of swindles he has done. Just do not have anything to do with that person. Look through all the titles in this site and you'll find the guy permeates the air with his foul odor!

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    Rick London

    $25 Fee from agent listed here

    In reference to Lew Grimes the non-charging er uh charging literary. Steer clear. I repeat; steer clear under all circumstances. This guy is big time trouble and he's good; really really good (not as an agent mind you) but at getting your money. We have lawyers attempting to collect monies now. I have to give him credit for one thing. He is so smooth he almost wants to make you want to learn to be a criminal too!!! Save yourself more grief than you can imagine (he does not rep some the book's publishers listed on his site; they were one time deals and moved on; at least the ones I spoke with....too late mind you. I'm tellin' ya....realllll good.

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    Rob Lewis

    $25 Fee from agent listed here

    I'm seeking information on Lee Jordan, of the Chadd Stevens Literary Agency. He is listed at this site, although he charges a $25.00 "handling" fee for reading a manuscript. I sent him mine, and he responded promptly with a proposed contract to represent me for four months beginning upon receipt of the signed contract and payment of a $300.00 advance against expenses he will incur. Does anyone have any experience with this guy? Is he legitimate?

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