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    Judie Gerber

    Orion Entertainment Group and Peter Senese

    Hi. I was at a Learning Annex event in San Francisco in June. There, I won a trip to New York from Peter Senese of Orion Entertainment Group to attend the opening debut of Book Beat ( a new TV show about books and writing) and my friend Sara, is not only going to New York but he is helping her publish her work by Orion. I would love to hear from anyone else who has worked with Peter and Orion. Any information appreciated. Thanks. Judie.

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    amelya freeman

    Re: Orion Entertainment Group and Peter Senese

    Hi Judie,

    Iím so surprised that there isnít more information about Peter Senese available online, at least the real Peter Senese, the one I got to know very well last year this time.

    Peter and I met as a result of our connection to publishing and our attendance at BEA last year. Peter presented himself as a publisher and film maker, wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. He seduced me with the prospect of a new job, working for him on Book Beat as a host, traveling the world completely submersed in the literary lifestyle I\'ve been seeking since college.

    I quit my job of 4 years with a publisher in the North Bay to move to LA and work with Peter. He wrote me a check for $30,000 as an advance on my salary to get moved with and pay my debts. Needless to say, the check was returned. It was written from a non existent account. As a result, I bounced about 2 dozen checks, and went into debt with my bank almost $20K. Peter was no where to be found with an explanation or solution. I had to spend my life savings to get back to zero, and my credit is still affected.

    My family became very concerned, as they had met Peter many times and always had mixed feelings about him. They did a background check on him which brought up an article in the Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, CA. Peter was arrested several years ago for paying for a wedding in Sonoma County with 60K worth of bad checks. He was arrested and went to prison. When confronted with those facts, he became irate and full of excuses. Then he just dropped of the face of the earth.

    After this I did more research. It turns out the 12,000 sq ft house in Malibu he claimed to own was not his. Orion Entertainment is not a licensed business. Peter doesnít have custody of his son, and is in fact court ordered to stay away from him. An acquaintance I met through Peter turned out to be an old prison buddy who confirmed my theory; Peter Senese is nothing more than a con man.

    It doesnít take much to print a fancy business card and 100 copies of your own book. He is smart and charming and distracts people from seeing the truth. The truth that he is not what he says he is. He is a criminal, a sociopath, and a very sick individual. He sells people there dreams, either to steal money from them, get them into bed, and most of all to feed his psychotic ego.

    A warning to anyone who comes across his path; he is a con man, stay away from him. He is a very sick man and you will only be hurt by allowing him into your life. Nothing he says will ever materialize. I have many specific examples of this if you need more information.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    amelya freeman

    Re: Orion Entertainment Group and Peter Senese

    Published on October 3, 1997

    © 1997- The Press Democrat

    BYLINE: Jody Kleinberg
    Staff Writer PAGE: A1

    The bridegroom who spent thousands for a glamourous Wine Country wedding and then stiffed everyone involved is no novice to crime and has a record of fraud across the country, police officials said.

    Peter Senese, who was arrested in Sonoma County on Monday, has been suspected in cases in Kansas, Florida and Sacramento and was arrested in New York in February for a scam involving a phony investment management firm, New York police officials said. By July, his health care management scams had become so notorious that he was the subject of a health care magazine story.

    On Sept. 16, he was sentenced to five years probation for fourth-degree larceny charges, New York court records show. But that didn't stop him from heading for Wine Country. Ten days after his sentencing, he and Mary Mecher boarded a hot air balloon in Santa Rosa for a no-frills-barred wedding.

    The nuptials included bottles of expensive champagne, a gourmet luncheon at the Kendall-Jackson winery and luxurious accommodations at the Deerfield Ranch Winery and Inn, where the couple spent the weeks before they exchanged vows.

    Not only did the couple not pay the hot air balloon company, the captain who married them, the photographer who accompanied them or the cab driver who drove them, they also wrote a bad $35,000 check to the winery.

    ``These guys were absolute professionals,'' said P.J. Rex, who owns Deerfield Ranch Winery and Inn and got to know the couple and their lavish taste in the days before the wedding. ``Just like Bonnie and Clyde and they loved to be photographed and take pictures with their victims. We have pictures of the six of us ... at dinner.''

    The couple, who were freed on $50,000 bail each, are currently checked into the upscale Clift Hotel in San Francisco. It remains unclear how much Mecher, who is Canadian, knew about Senese's past or how involved she was in the scam.

    Reached in his room, Senese refused to talk to a reporter. ``I have no comment for the newspaper, as advised by our attorney,'' he said.

    When he arrived at the winery in early September, Senese, 32, told Rex and her husband, Robert, that he was a New York businessman who was recovering from a brain tumor. He said he had decided to sell his investment management company and move to Sonoma County for a quieter life. He said he and Mecher, 32, had met in Las Vegas, fallen in love and were planning to buy a $1.7 million property with a vineyard, Rex said.

    As they planned their wedding, they lived extravagantly. Mecher always wore designer clothes and they had a penchant for good food and wine, Rex said. But they seemed to have little interest in paying bills and always found ways to avoid them or, when pressed, hastily scribbled a check.

    For the most part, the accounts were either already closed or had little money in them. All of the checks were starter checks without a name or address on them, victims said.

    At least two of the accounts were in Mecher's name and she signed at least two checks, Sonoma County sheriff's investigators said. One of the accounts, at Bank of America in Sonoma County, had about $10 in it, detectives said. Other checks -- for dance lessons and rent -- were written in Marin County, they said.

    The apparent scam failed when Rex and two other women got suspicious and started asking questions.

    ``It was our gut feeling that blew it apart,'' said Lovie Van der Horst, who runs Air Flambuoyant, the hot air ballon company the couple allegedly stiffed. ``It just seemed funny. They did things that millionaires wouldn't do.''

    The clues, said Rex, were in their manners and in a few odd details. For instance, instead of renting a car, the couple always called cabs or asked to borrow a car, she said. Jana Russon, the photographer they hired for their wedding, said they asked to borrow film from her several times and that Senese's shoes ``had seen their share of pavement.'' His watch, cheap with a flimsy band, was also not the norm for a millionaire, they said.

    Once checks started bouncing, the women took action, organizing among themselves and alerting sheriff's deputies. In the end, Senese and Mecher were caught within minutes of pulling away from Deerfield Ranch Winery and Inn.

    ``I think we did a heck of a job. We really stressed over this,'' Van der Horst said.

    The suspicions started when, several days after arriving at the winery, the couple -- who had rented a room for $3,000 a month- told the Rexes that they were leaving for a quick trip. ``They said they had to leave to fly to New York for a few days because they wanted to introduce her to the family and pick up a check,'' Rex said.

    In reality, Senese had to be in New York on Sept. 16, when he was sentenced for the larceny charge.

    He told Rex the check was compensation for his company, Corinthian Investment Management, which he had recently sold. The company was fraudulent, and was what Senese used to bilk victims out of thousands of dollars, New York detectives said.

    The scam he got caught for worked like this: First, he set up phony offices on Madison and Park avenues and on Wall Street, even going so far as to hire temporary secretaries and rent office furniture and computer equipment. Then, he started contacting insurance agencies and telling them his company needed insurance policies for the small medical practices he had purchased.

    Senese would then offer to pay millions for the insurance policy, but then asked the insurer to write a smaller check -- usually in the thousands -- for partial fees, detectives said.

    But that was only one of his shady operations. In its July 1997 issue, Modern Healthcare magazine wrote an article warning customers about Senese, who had taken out $27,000 in ads in the magazine. The ads offered $400 million in capital for start-up companies. It remains unclear if the ads were paid.

    At least one businessman called Senese, but became suspicious when a $5 million check bounced, the article says.

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    amelya freeman

    Re: Orion Entertainment Group and Peter Senese

    Published on August 22, 1998

    © 1998- The Press Democrat

    BYLINE: Clark Mason
    Staff Writer PAGE: B1

    A New York man who paid for his Sonoma Valley honeymoon with $5,800 worth of bad checks was sentenced to nine months in jail Friday at the same time charges were dismissed against his bride.

    Peter Thomas Senese, 33, expressed remorse prior to sentencing by Sonoma County Judge Mark Tansil, saying his life was like a carousel ride that ``looked so beautiful. It moves faster and faster and you can't get off.''

    Senese and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Mecher, 33, made front-page news after being arrested in September for the bad checks Senese wrote to pay for their hot-air balloon wedding, the services of a photographer and a month-long stay at a Kenwood bed and breakfast.[..]"

    [Edited. Please post extracts and links rather than full articles. Hamish (WritersNet)]

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    amelya freeman

    Re: Orion Entertainment Group and Peter Senese

    Story posted October 06, 1997 12:00 AM EDT
    A Brooklyn man suspected of scamming businesses while posing as a healthcare venture capitalist pleaded guilty last month to a felony count of grand larceny. Peter T. Senese, 32, was sentenced to a five-year probation after he admitted to falsely telling a Long Island insurance agent that he needed a $4,200 advance to insure physicians affiliated with a bogus physician practice management company. According to Suffolk County (N.Y.) authorities, Senese allegedly offered multiple insurance agents an exclusive contract to insure the lives of key physicians whose practices were to be acquired by the bogus Sun Care company. One agent became suspicious and called Suffolk County police, who set up a sting (March 3, p. 2). Claiming to be a partner in a firm called Corinthian Investment Management, Senese opened an office at a prime Manhattan address, said he employed top healthcare law and accounting firms, and ran ads in MODERN.....

    (excerpt from Mondernhealthcare.com)

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    Judie Gerber

    Re: Orion Entertainment Group and Peter Senese

    Hi Ameyla. Well, you answered my question. Thank you. I liked Peter the one time I met him at a Publishing Conference sponsored by the Learning Annex in San Francisco. He was charming, smart, and seemed to care about all of the right things. He talked about how books open new worlds for people and, well... I could go on... sigh... I think BookBeat is a SUPERB idea and I hope it materializes someday by somebody. I ain't no saint and I'm disappointed that I won't be meeting JD Salinger at the live debut of BookBeat in New York on September 17, but I am going to say a prayer for that man. People are so multilayered and complex. My heart goes out to you and I'm going to say a bigger prayer for you. Thank you again. Judie.

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    amelya freeman

    Re: Orion Entertainment Group and Peter Senese

    Hi Judie,

    I wish there was something I, we, everyone who has been hurt by Peter could do to stop him, but the truth is there are more people out there like him than we know. Infact, studies say that 1 out of every 25 people are born with no concience, the first step to becoming a sociopath. My experience with Peter has left me with little trust in people, which is the biggest loss I've taken as a result of the whole experience.

    I was engaged to him. The first time I'd ever been completely honest with a partner. The first healthy relationship I'd been involved with. He was the only person who came into my life that I was 100% open with. For 2 months last summer I felt as though God existed and he had answered my prayers. But it turned out I was sleeping with the devil.

    At least now when you google Search Peter Senese, this site comes up in the first 30 results, so perhaps it will reach people. I will share my story and experience with anyone who needs information.

    Do you know what Sarah & Lisa are up to?

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    Judie Gerber

    Re: Orion Entertainment Group and Peter Senese

    Hi Amelya. I hope Mr. Peter Senese does something soon to make his son, Tyler, proud. What a shame it would be for Mr. Senese to leave behind a legacy of eroded trust, broken hearts, and shattered dreams. The world has enough problems without con men preying on intelligent and creative people. Judging by all the offline emails and phone calls I've received about Peter and his crew, Orion Entertainment group, and BookBeat -- people who don't want to risk being sued or professionally embarrassed -- I'd say you are in good company, as each and every one of them is one of the 24 out of 25 people born with a conscience and high moral standards. When I get mad, I have to remind myself that, when all is said and done and we're dead, "we're all just balls of white light with layers of stuff". You go girl. You're a hero and you don't even know it yet. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Judie.

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    john dellum

    Re: Orion Entertainment Group and Peter Senese

    I know a lot about this guy. He is so vile that a few years ago he tried to capitalize BIG TIME on the firefighters and police - alive and sacrificed - of 9/11. That is the lowest of the low, which we know he is.
    He has been just as busy since he got out of jail these last few years, believe me. Only now it is the publishing world he thinks he can outsmart.
    If anyone would like to contact me offline, please feel free - my email is dellumj@yahoo.com


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    john dellum

    Re: Orion Entertainment Group and Peter Senese

    I am pretty sure now that P.S. has read these posts and has sent me an inquiry.....despite my desire to help, I now ask that I not be contacted off list at this email address unless we have already connected and conversed. Unfortunately I, without truly knowing anyone here, cannot tell who is really who.
    I'm sorry.


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