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    jack wallen

    American Book Publishing legit?

    I have a finished manuscript that I have submitted to numerous publishers. One of the publishers that has accepted the manuscript, American Book Publishing, is asking for a $780.00 returnable deposit.

    So my question is this - are these guys legit? Has anyone any experience with this publisher?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    Re: American Book Publishing legit?

    "American Book Publishing/C. Lee Nunn
    Writer Beware has received numerous complaints about American Book Publishing (C. Lee Nunn, owner). ABP, which presents itself as a "traditional" publisher, requires its authors to pay a sizeable "setup" fee. Complaints include non-standard contract terms, non-production of promised e-book editions, non-fulfillment of marketing and publicity promises, repeatedly delayed publication schedules, finished books full of errors, non-payment of royalties, heavy pressure on authors to purchase bulk numbers of their own books, and harassment of those who question or complain. American Book Publishing has been the focus of a police investigation."

    Also see:

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    Mary M.

    Re: American Book Publishing legit?

    Don't pay any monies upfront. Ever.

    And "returnable deposit" is loaded with catch-22 inuendos.

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    A.C. Crispin

    Re: American Book Publishing...RUN AWAY!

    I think Victoria's warning just about covers the subject...

    C. Lee Nunn has been threatening to sue Writer Beware for a long time now, but can't get an attorney to take her case once they find out about the "cyber fraud" investigation by the Utah authorities.



    Mean Ol' Scam Hunter
    Ann C. Crispin
    Writer Beware

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    star buck

    Re: American Book Publishing...RUN AWAY!

    your money+others dreams=you being ripped off.

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    Re: American Book Publishing...RUN AWAY!

    Ask Ms. Nunn to list the authors who have had their deposits returned and what tasks were necessary to be performed by the author before return, and time to complete the tasks.

    Ask Ms. Nunn to provide access to authors to find first hand reactions to working with American.

    The answers to these (don't expect any response)will give you an indication of what to expect from American.

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